Proposal Concept: The Great Gatsby

Proposal Concept: The Great Gatsby


When someone asks me: “If you could go back in time, to which era would you like to go?”, my answer is always the 1920’s. I really like the dresses, the dances and the music in that time. I am also a fan of the movie The Great Gatsby in 2013. The Soundtrack is awesome and also the whole outfits are beautiful and fit perfectly in the twenties.

After deciding to do a wedding with the movie as a theme I also liked the idea of doing a proposal with that influence as well. And what could be better than using the movie Theater when the film is released.

Who? (with who?)

Henry (28) is a graphic designer who lives together with his long term girlfriend in the near of Hannover, Germany. Henry and Grace met 6 years ago at the hands of common friends. They noticed directly, that they have the same interests and opinions. Grace (27) works as a decorator and always has an eye for the details and small things in life.


Henry is going to propose to Grace at the Cinema.


Both are huge fans of the 1920’s and go  to the cinema to see the new movie of the classic the Great Gatsby.


The ASTOR Grand Cinema in Hannover, Germany.


The couple is very enthusiastic about the era of the 1920’s. When the film The Great Gatsby hits the theaters both are excited to see the movie, which takes place in the twenties. Henry wants to propose to Grace for a long time and was always wanting for the right moment. Now seems to be perfect because it united the passion of them and the idea is promising to be an unforgettable moment in both of their life.


Days before the cinema showing Henry reserves seats for the movie. The unusual of the cinema is that you can order your drinks and snack and a waiter will bring your orders to the seats. Henry already talked to the staff of the cinema and let them in on his plans about the proposal.

After the advertisements and just bevor the movie begins a waiter enters the cinema hall and brings two glasses of champagne along with some popcorn. One popcorn back is empty and inside of it is a ring case hidden. When the waiter comes with the tablet and Grace picks the back up, sees the ring and then Henry will get up and down on his knee to ask her, if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him and marry him. Meanwhile they have the whole attention of the other guest and when she says yes other waiters through confetti. Subsequently everyone takes back their seats and Henry and Grace can watch the movie as the start of a long life together.!photo21

Text by Sophia Jürgens


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