Photoshoot engagament proposial

Photoshoot engagament proposial

It’s every girl’s dream to have that perfect moment when you realize you have met the love of your life, he gets down on one knee and you know you will be together forever.

The new thing now is to hire a photographer that will possibly hide in the bushes or behind the tree and capture that moment of proposal that is so special between two people.


I was inspired by these many videos where the camera is rolling and the girl thinks its just another picture and all the sudden the men pop the question and everything is cough on tape.

Proposial 1

Proposial 2

For my imaginary couple Mia and Mark got every single moment, every emotion on camera when Mark had planned a special surprise for his girlfriend Mia.

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Mark and Mia have been dating for a while and already talked about getting married. She knows the proposal is going to happen, it is  just the matter of the time when. She also knows he would have to really come up with something unique in order to surprise her.  Their mutual friend Anna helps Mark to arrange one of the most memorable days of their lives.


A marriage proposal where David asks Mia to marry him. He knows she usually always finds out about any surprise he has ever planned so he wants to be extra careful and come up with a story that she would believe. She tells their mutual friend Anna to ask Mia is she could model a photoshoot because her original model is sick.


It is a beautiful summer night , the sun is setting and the view is breathtaking. The temperature is perfect when Mia and Anna (photographer/friend) start their so called “photohoot”.


They drive to this gorgeous beach covered in cute little trees framing the photos that Anna is taking of Mia.

Mia and David’s favourite place in the whole world is the beach. What’s better location to ask the big question than the place where they love to spend most of their free time? The spot of the photoshoot is the exact same spot where David first came to talk to her 8 years ago.


David and Mia know they were supposed to be together and they had already discussed about getting married. David wanted to surprise Mia and finally marry the love of his life.


She is doing a photo shoot, that she thinks is to help her friend/photographer Anna. Her boyfriend David has planned everything out and in about 15 minutes after they start to shoot he walks out of the bushes, knocks her on her shoulder goes on one knee and proposes to her. Everything is caught on the camera, while this couple experiences the best moment of their lives so far. She is out of words, starts crying and finally gets the words YES out of her mouth.




After, they take some engagement photos right on the beach and enjoy a romantic picnic David has planned for them.


source google
source google

Text by Riikka Williams




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