Simple but elegant jewellery

Simple but elegant jewellery

Au3 Goldsmith is another partner at our We Do! Wedding fair 2015 on the 15th of May at Haaga-Helia Pasila campus. Au3 Goldsmith is a Finnish jewellery company in the heart of Helsinki. It is the only shop in Finland and was established in Spring 2011. Their studio is located in Alppila where all the jewellery is crafted. Their work concentrates on good quality and perfectly cut stones. They aim to find the best materials because they want their materials to match their work effort put into the making of the jewellery.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the shop and have a short interview with Jussi Louesalmi one of the talented goldsmith’s in Au3 Goldmsith. Jussi Louesalmi is a goldsmith graduate of class 1994. He is married and has two children. I asked Jussi where he gets inspiration from and a couple of the things he mentioned was that he enjoys looking at graphic designs and nature for inspiration. He is fond of the ‘simple but elegant’ type of jewellery. He believes that even in the simplest craft, if there is something unique, it can still create a WOW factor. He also says that creating such jewellery can be very challenging at times because one has to take into consideration the practicality aspect especially wedding rings which are worn everyday. Creating a jewellery piece which is perfect for everyday use can be challenging when people have various tastes.

I had two main questions for Jussi related to the following topics: 1. The design & inspiration of the jewellery 2. Materials used to craft the jewellery. Au3 Goldmsith has six very talented goldsmiths. One of them, Tero Hannonen, in fact had won an award in 2008 for creating the year’s most beautiful ring which he named “Ornamentti”. Another popular design is a unique piece called “Lilja”. The use a variation of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum in the making of these elegant pieces. They do custom made jewellery and they aim to create the exact design the customer wishes to have.

         Ornamentti – engagement ring

Lilja – ring


If you’re interested to find more photos of their amazing craft, do check their website here for more information.


Text by: Tara Morales


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