Jewelry YOU create

Jewelry YOU create

Be your own jeweler designer, create what you like and then get it delivered to your front door. That was the idea of Kristian Saarikorpi. The finnish goldsmith vision was to put his customers on the design seat and let them make all the decisions and changes on their jewelry. He wanted them to design pieces that will remind them of special moments and memories that they had made.

Saarikorpi developed the app called EYE Jewelry which allows every user of an iPhone to create a necklace for free. First you have to choose which shape you want to have. After that you can either use your camera and catch the moment or you choose a picture from your gallery. You decide of the size and the place for the motive. The picture will be engraved into the material. A Video describes this progress very well.

If you need some help and want to get inspired you can check out the EYE Jewelry Instagram account or their blog. There you get to see some beautiful necklaces and they also keep you posted about the app.

For the promotion of the blog, Primesmith collaborates with well-known blogger from Finland, like Iina Hyttinen. The 23-year old has her own lifestyle blog and is writing for EYE Jewelry since this year.

As Fito Benitez, Marketing Manager of EYE Jewelry, informed us this way of designing and producing jewelry give the company the opportunity to work eco-friendly. The production is on-demand because very piece that will be produced is original and can only be produced if it is already sold and ordered. Hereby the company has no stocks of products.

At the beginning of this year Primesmith announced that their service is now available at the Appstore in 23 countries all over Europe. The company is always improving the app and their goal is to offer is for android phones as well. This is expected to be possible by the end of 2015.

So download the app and get started. Create by yourself gifts, memories and accessories.

Text by Sophia Jürgens


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