Fazer – Good taste never goes out of style

Fazer – Good taste never goes out of style

You’ve got a sweet tooth? Come to our We Do! Wedding fair at Haaga Helia Pasila Campus (Ratapihantie 13, Helsinki) on 15th May from 12-18 and enjoy Finland’s most beloved chocolate, while having a glance at our wedding attire fashion show, enjoying some great live music and receiving advice for your own wedding from experts of the industry.


When Karl Fazer, the founder of Fazer chocolate factory, decided to become a confectioner, he went to Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg. In 1891 he started his own business in the centre of Helsinki. People during those days really liked Fazer’s  products, which was why he expanded his factory and later moved it out of the city. The factory, which is based in Helsinki’s suburb Vantaa, offers natural water resources. Fazer’s main focus is on chocolate production, but nowadays they also produce bread, cookies, porridge and much more. You can even buy cakes for your wedding there!


There are several Fazer Cafés in Helsinki as well as in other cities and countries, where you can enjoy the great variety of Fazer products. Finnish people as well as tourists really like visiting Fazer Cafés and enjoy some beautiful cake or chocolate there. It is also possible to buy the products in the Cafés as well as in the supermarkets.


Fazer offers all kinds of chocolate that you can think of: nuts, nougat, dark chocolate, white chocolate as well as other sweets and candies. They even have mint or liqueur fillings and angry bird candies.


The ‘Geisha’ chocolate is a combination of the taste of Japonica-pastry, which is offered in Fazer Cafés, and milk chocolate. Since Peter Fazer, who had the idea for this combination, took part in the olympic games in Tokyo as a sailor, the name and the design of the chocolate are inspired by that.



We really hope to see you at our We Do! Wedding fair already taking place next week Friday, so we can enjoy a day full of wedding themes while we are enjoying some lovely Fazer chocolate!

Text by Nina Pieper


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