Engagement Proposal Concept: Hot air balloon

Engagement Proposal Concept: Hot air balloon

After getting inspired by the stories I read and saw online on memorable engagement proposals like this and this, I decided to create my own version of the story (apparently the concept has been done already). I will share with you, readers, my take on a fictional engagement proposal.


Zandra Luz, a twenty-six year old Spanish lady and Jeff Reyes, a twenty-nine year old Filipino man make a decision that will be remembered forever.


On the 18th of October 2015, the long awaited proposal will take place. Since it was the day of the hot air balloon festival, the guy decided to pop the lifetime question on this day.


The romantic proposal takes place in Clark, Pampanga in the Philippines. There will be a number of hot air balloons that will take off that day to celebrate the festival.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/525724956475657492/


Prior to the engagement day, the guy secretly tells his and the girl’s family that he plans to propose on the 18th of October 2015. He gives tickets to both families for the hot air balloon festival without letting the girl know.

At the day of the proposal, the girl has no idea that her family as well as the guy’s family is at the same location as them. The guy makes sure that both families hop on different hot air balloons at the same time as them. The families try to disguise themselves by wearing accessories like shades and hats. The guy makes sure that the girl’s eyes are focused on him.

The guy messages both families that the moment has arrived. Up in the air while fascinated by the beauty the couple see on the horizon and below them, the man pretends to take a photo of the girl beautifully leaning against the corner of the hot air balloon with a stunning backdrop. The guy kneels down to position himself to blurt out the big question, “Will you marry me?” The girl readily poses for the photo thinking he’s about to reach for his camera behind him. At the back of her mind, she has not an ounce of clue that what is about to happen next may change the path of her life. She’s excited thinking about how the photo will turn out with a backdrop she’s always wanted to capture with her as the subject. What she doesn’t know is that the guy kneels down and looks behind him not to grab his camera, but instead the gem he’s been long wanting to put on the girl’s finger.

He pops the question and the girl says “yes” in absolute shock and happiness. “I know how important our families are to us and I didn’t want this memorable moment to be shared just by the two of us. Look around you,” says the guy. The girl scans her horizon and sees both her and the guy’s families waving and she hears shouts of joy. Just like the hot air balloon experience, it was a peaceful, slow, steady, unexpected proposal.


Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/263460646924626649/



The couple love to seek adventure and experience new things together. They both enjoy photography. The girl has always wished to hop on a hot air balloon as she enjoys viewing things from a high angle. The guy decides to fulfil her wish she’s waited to experience. Now, not only was her long time wish granted, but she was able to spend the experience with the love of her life, her husband-to-be.

Text by: Tara Morales


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