Sweeten up your guests

Sweeten up your guests

CandyTown – kaikkien karkkien koti (translated in english it is like: every candy’s home) is one of our lovely partners for this years WeDo! Wedding fair.


CandyTown is founded at the 1th of March in 2011 and the current managing director is Oona Suomalainen. CandyTown is owned by FilmTown.

CandyTown offers from all kinds of candy, to salty snacks, ice-creams, drinks and movies! At CandyTown you will find candy from the biggest brands such as Fazer, Haribo, Cloetta and Panda. And also you can buy movies at CandyTown, as mentioned before. For example, 1 movie costs 5€.


Come to our Wedding Fair on the 15th of May, 12 -18h in Haaga-Helia Pasila Campus, Helsinki to try some lovely candy from CandyTown. And maybe you will be one of the lucky persons, who will get a coupon for some candy from CandyTown.

For more details where you can find one of the shops from CandyTown to buy some candy and a movie for a very relaxing and sweet evening or to buy candy for your own wedding, check out their website.


Text by Victoria Eggersmann


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