It’s Time To Suit Up!

It’s Time To Suit Up!

Frakkipalvelu NAM has started it’s business in 1993 and as of today is the biggest Store in Finland to rent men’s suits. You can find everything for a man’s special occasion in their store.

The talented staff will always serve you with passion and put their best effort finding the right fit and style for the customer.  It is easy and convenient to find what you are looking for with the help of the staff, and they will make sure you leave the store happy and satisfied.  NAM is a one stop shop where you can find all the necessary things for your special day.

A few well known brands that the store carries are Turo Tailor, Bosweel and Matex. Their large selection includes white ties (frakki), tuxedos (smokki),morning dresses(saketti) and dark suits as well as different kind of accessories.  They can serve customers with special needs such as very tall or very short people. They always customize the service and the product and you can for example choose different size of jacket and pants if needed. NAM also carries suits for young boys.

The most important thing for the staff is that customer always leaves happy and satisfied with their purchase. The staff is very experienced and they can with no time choose the right style and right fit for you. The customer will never leave the store with a suit that does not fit right.

The renting time for NAM suits is 10 days and you can easily book a time for fitting on their website . You can also call and make a fitting at 09 – 2411 631.

You will find their store in Mannerheimintie 43 b, 00250 Helsinki

Their store hours are:

Mon-Fri 8-19

Sat 9-15

(summer Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 10-15)

Go see their website and book time for your fitting!

Every groom should look handsome on their wedding day and when you visit NAM you can make sure this will be taken care of.

Come to our fair this friday and see NAM suits live on the runway!

Text by Riikka Williams



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