Your peaceful wedding venue

Your peaceful wedding venue

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Hirvihaara’s mansion is a beautiful hotel and restaurant complex in Mäntsälä, Finland. This place is a perfect venue for holding events especially the weddings. The mansion is located  in peaceful countryside and it is surrounded by beautiful nature. You can easily get there from Helsinki by car or train.


The benefit of holding the wedding reception in Hirvihaara is that you will get all you need in one package. The package includes banquet hall, accommodation and breakfast for guests, food and drinks, table decoration and flowers. Of course you can customise it in a way that will fill your needs the best. If you would even like to make a big entrance on your special day, you should definitely rent the mansion’s vintage car, which will transfer you from the wedding ceremony to the reception. The driver is included in rent price of the car.

Hirvihaara has also several professional partners from the wedding industry, so it’s definitely possible to do all wedding arrangements via Hirvihaara. They have partners in transportation, sound system, performance, flowers, child caring, photography, videography and beauty consults.

The glass pavilion is a unique banquet hall with crystal chandeliers. It is connected to the main building with an indoor corridor.


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The mansion also offers many activities that can keep you entertained over the duration of your wedding, from Tennis to Fishing to Day Spa. Besides this, you can also take part in external activities such as golf and riding. There will never be a dull moment!

Brief History and background

Originally Hirvihaara was built as private home. The present owner of Hirvihaara’s mansion, Arto Hakala, bought the property in 1992. The mansion was renovated and thoroughly repaired during the same year and in July it opened its doors as a hotel.

Hotels smoke sauna was ready in 1997 and rose residence in 2000. The glass pavilion which is 200m2 was ready in 2013 and many events have been held there since the opening. In 2018 the mansion will be 100 years old and there is going to be big celebration.

Text by Alexandra Vinogradova


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