Music is Magic

Music is Magic

Bring Me Lillies

bringmelilies 2 (1)

Bring Me Lilies are a ‘soulful and bubbly’ duo from Helsinki. They formed in 2015 by Laura Ilanen and Viola Nygren whom met in 2014.

Laura Ilanen, twenty three, has been involved with music since she was seven years old is now a vocal coach, focusing in the genres of pop and jazz. Alongside this she is studying at Lahti University of Applied Sciences in the Institute of Music and Drama, she is due to graduate as a music pedagogue. For Laura writing her own music and performing is a natural way of self expression and relaxing. Laura states that “Music is Magic.


Viola, twenty eight, also ventured into the musical word aged seven. Throughout her childhood Viola began playing the electric organ, electric piano and classical piano. When she began her teenage years she found her identity and true passion for pop/jazz singing. Undertaking vocal lessons enable Viola to express herself and find herself if the music.  Alongside learning this Viola advanced further into music and studied music theory. Viola is currently studying at Haaga-Helia and is due to graduate from the Haaga campus with a degree in Experience and Wellness Management. Viola expressed that Music is life. That is why out hearts have beats.

We are very happy to have Bring Me Lilies as our partners and we look forward to their performance. They will be performing a various set of songs both in English and in Finnish. The girls will be singing and accompanied by Viola on the piano. We look forward to seeing you enjoying Bring Me Lilies’ performance at our wedding fair on Friday 15th May. Bring Me Lilies:

Make sure you keep up to date and follow all our social media channels. WeDo! Wedding Fair 2015. Together We Are One!

Text by Rebecca


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