Handmade and Ecological paper from Japan and Nepal

Handmade and Ecological paper from Japan and Nepal


Lalupate Ltd./Studio Himalaya was established on 1993. Lalupate is a word of Nepali origin and it means ‘Red Poinsettia’, which is one of Nepal’s national flowers.  The owner Riitta Reinilä-Strömmer was living in Nepal with his family and when moving back to Finland wanted to bring the Nepali handicrafts also here. All Lalupate products are high quality, ethical and manufactured so that they don’t harm the environment.

Lalupate Ltd./Studio Himalaya is focused on various cooperation with Nepal. The main task of the company is to design and manufacture ecological hand-made products produced from natural materials through its own producers in Nepal, as well as to import products to Finland, Scandinavia, Germany and other European countries. The import takes place directly to Finland, without using any middle man.



One of their most sold product categories is ecological urns and caskets. Lalupate Ltd./Studio Himalaya has been busy in designing, producing, importing and exporting these products since 2002. The largest category of products is still handmade papers, which can be used for invitations, cards, interior decoration, bookbinding, conservation and art. We all should be ecologically concious and this is a great place to get your material for wedding invitations or any other handicrafts you may need material for.


Lalupate Ltd./Studio Himalaya provides also handmade and handprinted washi papers from Japan, which are made of kozo, mitsumata and gampi. These paper makers from Japan producing the paper are really high skilled people, which Lalupate Ltd./Studio Himalaya is supporting. By that, they also support the old tradition of handprinting.

Now you have a great chance to come personally meet and talk to the owner Riitta Reinilä-Strömmer and see their products. Go see their website or their webshop  and come see their stand at our WeDo  wedding fair this Friday May 15th in Haaga-Helia Pasila Campus.

Their store can be found in and visited by appointments in :

Studio Himalaya Herttoniemi:
Sahaajankatu 20 A 1. krs
00880 Helsinki (Herttoniemi)
Riitta Reinilä-Strömmer p.0400-476115


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