The company for women

The company for women

Avon is an international cosmetic company with 6 million independent sales representatives all around the world. It belongs to one of the world’s largest direct selling cosmetic companies. Avon sells its products in the US, all over Europe, Asia as well as Australia. They only sell their products through their sales representatives, which shows how strongly Avon founder David H. McConnell believes in the potential of people:

If we stop and look over the past and then into the future, we can see that the possibilities are growing greater and greater every day; that we have scarcely begun to reach the proper results from the field we have before us.”
This stresses one of their big advantages, the comfort to buy their products through sales representatives coming to you and not having to go to a shop!

Avon offers colour cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, fashion and home articles, personal care and hair care products. The fashion and home articles include jewellery, watches, accessories, clothing, intimate apparel, housewares, men’s and children’s wear. Their products are of highest quality in order to satisfy their customers. They sell international brands as well as regional ones.

To promote their products, famous make-up artist Lauren Andersen is sharing advice about beauty in brochures and the companies YouTube channel.

Avon is also a leading manufacturer of fragrances in the cosmetic industry. They offer fragrances for women as well as for men. They cooperate with several brands as well as with celebrities, who has been Fergie recently.


Avon offers you a lot more than this, so have a look at their website and get more information about them.

Avon Finland is having a stand at our We Do! Wedding fair on 15th May from 12-18 at Haaga Helia Pasila Campus, Ratapihantie 13 in Helsinki. They will offer several cosmetic samples to our wedding fair visitors. Avon is also having a special offer to all of you, ladies! They offer the first 100 people to bring their old lipstick, no matter which brand it is, and they will give you a new Avon one. So be there on time!

Text  by Nina Pieper


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