Up Do’, Side Do’, Down Do’ – MNImage Hair

Up Do’, Side Do’, Down Do’ – MNImage Hair

MN Image is a barber and hairdresser salon situated on the third floor of the Forum in Helsinki city centre. Open Monday to Friday (9:00am-20:00pm) and Saturday (9:00am-18:00pm) and Sunday open by appointment, this means they are available to you whenever you need them. However, if these times are still not suitable for you, they can open the salon longer under reasonable exceptions. Additionally, they can provide services in the comfort of your own home, but they state that it is much better for them to do hairstyles in the salon.

Photo by Kim Ekman, http://www.kimekman.com

The salon can do many hairstyles for both genders. Cut, colour, permanent curly hair – they can suit anybody’s desires. Having started the business in 1999, they have years of experience and you will be in trusted hands!

Up do’, side do’, down do’…

Photo by Kim Ekman, http://www.kimekman.com

Other services include their beauty and wellness spa. Here, they can offer you hair removing/waxing, aromatherapy, make up, nails (manicures, pedicures, gel, acrylics), massages and piercings.

Photo by Kim Ekman, http://www.kimekman.com
Photo by Kim Ekman, http://www.kimekman.com

A special treatment they do is body sugar waxing. This product is 100% natural which means it does not damage your skin and is much more gentle than other products; leaving your skin flawless.

Therefore, by just giving an overview in this blog post of the many services they can provide, this portrays the big advantages of going to this salon for your wedding day requirements. With these services, they also offer a whole bridal package. You can find more information on their website at www.mnimage.fi or you can phone them on: 093232002 or email at: mnimage@mnimage.fi.

They offer all their services in the following languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, Vietnamese and Russian. This enables them to reach out to a bigger customer base that are interested in their services.

MN Image Hair were at We Do! Wedding Fair 2015 on Friday 15th May to style 8 international models hair for the fashion show. They styled the hair in relation to the different decades such as 60s and 70s styling. To see what they created, take a look at Kim Ekman’s pictures at: http://kimekman.smugmug.com/We-Do-Weddings-In-Every-Sense/n-kS4cJ2/i-r2dQ7V6. 

Written by Hannah Walsh


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