Engagement Concept : Hot-Air Balloon

Engagement Concept : Hot-Air Balloon

My inspiration

First I chose to go through the Internet and see what was working or not. What in my point of view was romantic, fancy, too much or cute. It happens that Internet is full of ideas good or bad. But there are some links of one of the video I saw and found touching.

For me this one is just the best proposal video ever: she was surprised, it was cute, it was only about friends and family, the timing is perfect and she seems to be in a well know-environment so she is natural. And the couple she made with him just seems perfect.

I like this one because we can see how much the boyfriend cares and knows his girlfriend and he really tries to make her happy and surprised. And all the lights, the song, the Christmas theme, all of that makes it perfect and they seems very happy.

My bonus inspiration:

I know there is only a few chances for to happen in reality (too much candles in a apartment) but I think this is kind of one of the best proposal : it came from the girlfriend but it is finally the boy who actually propose, their friends are here but they are not intrusive and they kind of participate.

‘I thought that it mattered what I said or where I said it. Then I realized the only thing that matters is that you, (Pause) you make me happier than I ever thought I could be.  And if you’ll let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way. Monica, will you marry me?’

My Engagement Concept

I chose to get inspired by a real couple I know in person. Carole-32 and Raphael-32 as well both have jobs with big responsibilities. Carole works in the automobile industry and Raphael in high technology security. They both really love to travel and visit their family because they live in Paris and with their jobs they don’t come often to see them but they are still very close. They are together for six years now and they have a little baby girl. He wants to propose to protect their baby and because they love each other so much, they both want to fully commit into this and it is the natural next step to take. They know each other for a long time now and they still love each other like on the first day. Before dating they were very good friends since high school so they have a lot of memories together: they want back packing with other friends in Corsica for two weeks, they graduated the same year and they shared the same group of friends.


I would like to plan the proposal next to their hometown in the Loire Valley in France which they love. It is also a well-known ideal spot for hot-air balloon. Plus there is a restaurant they both really like right next to it so Raphael would invite her to a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day as an ‘excuse’ and will welcome her with candle, flowers and songs. Next friends and family will show up and lead them into a hot-air balloon where they will be alone, intimism, so he can could propose simply. There will be a lot petals on the ground and once they are up in the air he will put a knee on the floor and ask her the question. I think she would be very surprised and happy that he do that this way and it will mean a lot knowing that his family (including their daughter) and friends are waiting for them on the ground. Plus they both love to be in the air, they do a lot of sport, trying to have some kind of adrenaline and a proposal in a hot-air balloon totally match with the kind of couple they are : natural, meaningful and searching for emotion and love.


Once they land they will have a little party with friends and family to celebrate this good news !


 Text by Constance Hamard


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