Engagement Concept: Jar of Love

Engagement Concept: Jar of Love

Engagement Concept:

Research Findings:

After doing all my research I found that for most couples the more intimate and meaningful the proposal the happier their marriage. For most proposals that I read about the guy in the relationship would always look for the element of surprise. Many of the websites I visit has a section designated to unique ways to surprise your future bride. Due to this research I made sure to include meaning and surprise in the proposal. With my research in mind I feel that this engagement concept will work for every couple.


Richard and Deborah has been together for 3 years they meet through mutual friends. Both are young professionals therefore they do not have a lot of money. They have many things in common like cooking, hiking, and skiing. They have been living together for 1 year now. Richard knows she is the one for him and wants to save up the money to buy her the perfect engagement ring.couple2


For this style of engagement the guy could easily plan a party however if not and instead he desired a more intimate setting he could ask in their house with a romantic dinner planned.  Nevertheless, with the current plan Richard will plan a small party in a location close to their house, preferably a roof-top terrace or back garden. There everyone will be ready to watch the proposal and celebrate their engagement.engagementparty


Right before they sit down for her favourite meal and enjoy a small celebration with close friends and family. Exactly 125 days after Valentines Day, which would be mid-June.v-dayjuneWhy?

By waiting for 125 days before asking the guy has time to accumulate the extra funds needed to purchase the best possible engagement ring. With a daily love note Deborah knows just how much she means to him. Also due to the fact that she received the note in February she then knows just how long the guy has wanted to ask her and spend the rest of his life with her.  ring


Valentine’s Day comes around where the guy decides to give his girlfriend a jar filled with 124 reasons why he loves her, the last note will say:

“For the last reason why I love you go to the roof…”

When he gives her the jar they both agree that she will open and read the note at 17:00 every day until she gets to the last note. On that night the guy will prepare her favourite meal and plan a romantic night. At 17:00 while she is reading the note he will be upstairs with all the people she loves the most waiting on one knee to ask her to marry him. After she accepts his proposal there will be a dinner party.love notes jar



Useful Websites for further research or ideas:

How He Asked

Everything Engagement

The Knot




Text by Katherine Cloud 


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