Sweeten up your guests

Sweeten up your guests

CandyTown – kaikkien karkkien koti (translated in english it is like: every candy’s home) is one of our lovely partners for this years WeDo! Wedding fair.


CandyTown is founded at the 1th of March in 2011 and the current managing director is Oona Suomalainen. CandyTown is owned by FilmTown.

CandyTown offers from all kinds of candy, to salty snacks, ice-creams, drinks and movies! At CandyTown you will find candy from the biggest brands such as Fazer, Haribo, Cloetta and Panda. And also you can buy movies at CandyTown, as mentioned before. For example, 1 movie costs 5€.


Come to our Wedding Fair on the 15th of May, 12 -18h in Haaga-Helia Pasila Campus, Helsinki to try some lovely candy from CandyTown. And maybe you will be one of the lucky persons, who will get a coupon for some candy from CandyTown.

For more details where you can find one of the shops from CandyTown to buy some candy and a movie for a very relaxing and sweet evening or to buy candy for your own wedding, check out their website.


Text by Victoria Eggersmann

Fazer – Good taste never goes out of style

Fazer – Good taste never goes out of style

You’ve got a sweet tooth? Come to our We Do! Wedding fair at Haaga Helia Pasila Campus (Ratapihantie 13, Helsinki) on 15th May from 12-18 and enjoy Finland’s most beloved chocolate, while having a glance at our wedding attire fashion show, enjoying some great live music and receiving advice for your own wedding from experts of the industry.


When Karl Fazer, the founder of Fazer chocolate factory, decided to become a confectioner, he went to Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg. In 1891 he started his own business in the centre of Helsinki. People during those days really liked Fazer’s  products, which was why he expanded his factory and later moved it out of the city. The factory, which is based in Helsinki’s suburb Vantaa, offers natural water resources. Fazer’s main focus is on chocolate production, but nowadays they also produce bread, cookies, porridge and much more. You can even buy cakes for your wedding there!


There are several Fazer Cafés in Helsinki as well as in other cities and countries, where you can enjoy the great variety of Fazer products. Finnish people as well as tourists really like visiting Fazer Cafés and enjoy some beautiful cake or chocolate there. It is also possible to buy the products in the Cafés as well as in the supermarkets.


Fazer offers all kinds of chocolate that you can think of: nuts, nougat, dark chocolate, white chocolate as well as other sweets and candies. They even have mint or liqueur fillings and angry bird candies.


The ‘Geisha’ chocolate is a combination of the taste of Japonica-pastry, which is offered in Fazer Cafés, and milk chocolate. Since Peter Fazer, who had the idea for this combination, took part in the olympic games in Tokyo as a sailor, the name and the design of the chocolate are inspired by that.



We really hope to see you at our We Do! Wedding fair already taking place next week Friday, so we can enjoy a day full of wedding themes while we are enjoying some lovely Fazer chocolate!

Text by Nina Pieper

Jewelry YOU create

Jewelry YOU create

Be your own jeweler designer, create what you like and then get it delivered to your front door. That was the idea of Kristian Saarikorpi. The finnish goldsmith vision was to put his customers on the design seat and let them make all the decisions and changes on their jewelry. He wanted them to design pieces that will remind them of special moments and memories that they had made.

Saarikorpi developed the app called EYE Jewelry which allows every user of an iPhone to create a necklace for free. First you have to choose which shape you want to have. After that you can either use your camera and catch the moment or you choose a picture from your gallery. You decide of the size and the place for the motive. The picture will be engraved into the material. A Video describes this progress very well.

If you need some help and want to get inspired you can check out the EYE Jewelry Instagram account or their blog. There you get to see some beautiful necklaces and they also keep you posted about the app.

For the promotion of the blog, Primesmith collaborates with well-known blogger from Finland, like Iina Hyttinen. The 23-year old has her own lifestyle blog and is writing for EYE Jewelry since this year.

As Fito Benitez, Marketing Manager of EYE Jewelry, informed us this way of designing and producing jewelry give the company the opportunity to work eco-friendly. The production is on-demand because very piece that will be produced is original and can only be produced if it is already sold and ordered. Hereby the company has no stocks of products.

At the beginning of this year Primesmith announced that their service is now available at the Appstore in 23 countries all over Europe. The company is always improving the app and their goal is to offer is for android phones as well. This is expected to be possible by the end of 2015.

So download the app and get started. Create by yourself gifts, memories and accessories.

Text by Sophia Jürgens

Engagement Proposal – Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Engagement Proposal – Mardi Gras, New Orleans

The proposal, another aspect of the wedding that the bride dreams about, however the groom stereotypically dreads! Wedding proposals may follow traditions such as, the prospective groom asking the brides father for her hand in marriage before hand or the potential groom getting down on one knee. Each aspect to the lead up of the proposal, much like your wedding is personal.

Many proposals that have grasped the attention of the online world have done so because they are totally unique. Uniqueness is created through the proposals revolving around the personal aspects on which the couples relationship is based



Inspiration proposal 1

Inspiration proposal 2

Inspiration proposal 3 

The proposals above all have one thing in common, they have been thoroughly planned to suit the couple relationship, each have unique factors and they shows what a relationship can develop from and develop into. There is also an incredible blog called ‘How He Asked’ , this blog shares stories of how couples got engaged and is well worth a read. And ladies, I advise that you have your tissues at the ready when researching proposals!

Proposal 1 stimulated my initial proposal idea through reconnecting the engagement concept with an old memory and whereby the memory holds a strong aspect importance within the couples relationship.

Who? and Why?

My proposal concept is for Liam (26) and Jayne (23) a couple who met at Greenhead College, England through their mutual love of music, Jazz music in particular. Six years on, after meeting in Jazz Band Liam has decided to fly them out to New Orleans, where Jazz Music originated and where their favourite Jazz musician, Louis Armstrong was born.


Where? and When?

Liam has booked to visit New Orleans over the period of Shrove Tuesday and the beginning of Lent so that they can experience the largest Mardi Gras Festival, alongside experiencing the musical atmosphere and the historically Jazz orientated state.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 22.46.58The Maison Bourbon Jazz Club is a venue highly recommended on the Mardi Gras website for excellent views of the Carnival from the club’s expansive balcony which extends onto Bourbon street and St. Peter street. Here James will reserve a table for the two of them to enjoy the Carnival passing by and the buzz it creates as well as sharing and reminiscing about their love of Jazz music and how it brought them together in the first place.



One of the many traditional aspects surrounding the Mardi Gras is for items, mainly beads to be thrown off the floats into the gathering crowds, this is said to represent ‘virtual out-of-body experiences.’ The Maison Bourbon Jazz Club has been reviewed as “although not being on the ground level, we still managed to catch beads, confetti and other items thrown off the floats.” Therefore James will ‘pretend’ to catch a item thrown from the float and turn around to pass it on to Jayne, however as he does so he will get down on one knee to propose. These items caught that are said to represent the ‘virtual out-of-body experience’ will be handed alongside the engagement ring (providing she says yes!).

Text by Rebecca

Orchidea: Weddings without the stress!

Orchidea: Weddings without the stress!

Do you fancy a wedding that’s elegant, beautiful and hilarious fun? If so, you’ve come to the right place! With Orchidea’s wedding services you can enjoy just that!

Orchidea plans executes, styles and decorates weddings and parties with personal style.


Source: Orchidea
Source: Orchidea

Orchidea is a wedding planning company based in Helsinki offering “an unforgettable day of celebration”. Whether you want a small and intimate affair or a large and traditional wedding, Orchidea can make that happen and transform your every wish. We love her attention to detail! With magical touches seeming to be her speciality, no item is unable to be transformed!


PicMonkey Collage3

But don’t worry, their skills aren’t limited to weddings! They also arrange other wonderful events such as parties, corporate events, baby showers and children’s birthday parties.

Source: Orchidea Kids
Source: Orchidea Kids

To find out more about the wonderful services offered, you can find the website and blog here!

Let’s make dreams come true!

Text by Jessica Harrington

Music… Food for the soul!

Music… Food for the soul!

Viviane Bossina, a 22-year-old girl comes all the way from Brazzaville, Congo to Finland to pursue not only her study career – International Business at Haaga – Helia University of Applied Sciences but also her passion – singing. Looking at her on stage, you will realize that taking over the audience and adapting nice atmosphere are not difficulties for Viviane. As being said that performance experiences have to have time to accumulate, Viviane has appeared on various occasions since 2007. With a confident and passionate style on stage, Viviane will guide you to every moods, but the most significant feeling that remain in your mind is peacefulness.

Source: Viviane Bossina facebook

Being an independent singer, Viviane’s music genre prone to be R & B, soul, neo – soul, gospel and jazz than rap music. Although she is a young girl, her gorgeous voice could sing those high or even deep notes passionately, expressively and skillfully. Her voice is a gift from the above with full of liveliness whenever you listen to her singing.

Source: VAPIANO Helsinki

Listen to her once, and you will hardly forget. Vivane Bossina, “a girl who loves to sing and who wants to share her gift with you” “Will you join me on this musical journey?” – She said.

Will you come to our WE DO! Wedding Fair 2015 this year on 15th May at Haaga – Helia Pasila Campus to join with Viviane on her musical journey? Don’t hesitate to come with your friends or even on your own if you are free at that time, because we promise the Wedding Fair will give you much more surprises than you ever expect!

Text by Anh To

Have your cake and eat it too with Kakkuhelmi!

Have your cake and eat it too with Kakkuhelmi!

I bet you clicked to see more of the article for these 3 reasons: You have no idea about what Kakkuhelmi is. You know it because you are from Finland or yo are just as curious as almost every human being. Okay no more bet and asking as it is time for the answer. If you know Finnish, you can skip this next sentence. Kakku means cake and Helmi is pearl, connect these words you will have pearl cake. Kakkuhelmi is not just a name of a cake but they are also a prestigious cake company – a bakery and pastry shop in Vallila, Helsinki in Finland. In 2009, Pia Penttilä graduated from the baker – confectioner. With the passion and enthusiasm for bakery, Pia decided to start her career – cake decoration and layer cakes from an amateur enthusiasts to a professional one. And with Pia’s endeavor, her dream cake company finally came true in October 2010, when Kakkuhelmi Company was born.

Pia Penttilä (Source: Kakkuhelmi Oy Pinterest)


Wedding cakes (Source: Kakkuhelmi Oy Pinterest)

Source: kakkuhelmi.fi

Kakkuhelmi produces beautiful handmade cakes, delicious cookies and savory offered with high quality craftsmanship, the finest ingredients for customers in the metropolitan area – including families, companies and associations, parties and events. This is to ensure that everyone gets a unique, proprietary products designed for their special occasions. The company will carry a creative look and tasty cakes to the opening of businesses, anniversaries, Christmas parties and other special occasions and events.

If you wish to have an elegant cake for your event or party, company or your association’s logo, diverse and highlight the festive, unique and hilarious or simply your favorite shape such as a book, bag or even a bikini suit, then choosing Kakkuhelmi will not disappoint you. Prices are determined by the size of the cake, the use of ingredients, decorations, workload, and normally prices will be at least starting from 80 €. Cakes sizes start from 10 persons and the size and price will be increased every five more persons (10, 15, 20, 25 …).

All kind of creative and tasty cakes and savoury from Kakkuhelmi (Source: http://www.kakkuhelmi.fi)


Besides those beautiful, unique and tasty handmade cake, the company also has a festive platform for all kind of cakes including round and rectangular cake tray for rent, and Cake Decoration courses. These courses are organized throughout the year, but unfortunately is only available in Finnish at the moment. You will learn how to make decorations for the cake in celebration. You can also register with Kakkuhelmi to keep privately decoration courses to learn how to make decorations according to your wishes and your schedule. Here are contact information and social media platforms from Kakkuhelmi Company: Pinterest | Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin

Kakkuhelmi Oy
Nilsiänkatu 10-14 B, 2nd floor
00510 Helsinki
Tel. 050 339 1135

We are really delighted to have Kakkuhelmi as our partner on Friday 15th May at WE DO! Wedding Fair 2015. Come and join with us because this is a great chance for you to have wonderful time, know more about Kakkuhelmi and enjoy their tasty cakes. We do want to share our happiness and joyfulness with you!


Text by Anh To