Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama is a romantic comedy directed by Andy Dennant and released in 2002. The movie tells about a girl called Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) who comes from Alabama. The movie begins as two kids (Melanie and her future husband) are playing on the beach in Alabama and chasing each other. They plan their future together and decide to get married someday. Then the movie moves on to the present. Melanie has moved to New York and has a great career ahead as a fashion designer. She is ashamed of her background and does not want everybody to know that she comes from a poor family. She is going to marry the mayor of New York’s son Andrew (Patrick Dempsey). Andrew’s mother has difficulties to accept that her son is going to marry a poor girl from Alabama but finally accepts it. However, at first Melanie has to divorce from her husband Jake whom she has not seen for seven years. Andrew has no idea that she is still married.


Melanie drives to Alabama to see Jake and get the divorce papers done and tell her parents she is getting married. The divorce process is not as easy as she thought it would be. Melanie follows Jake to a local pub and gets really drunk. She tells everybody that she was pregnant and it was Jake’s baby but it ended in a miscarriage and that one of their friends who was there is gay. Jake gets really mad at her and takes her home. The next morning as Melanie wakes up she sees the divorce papers signed next to her.

In Alabama Melanie realises that she still has some feelings for Jake. They share the same background and Melanie does not have to pretend to be anything she is not. However, Melanie and Andrew continue planning their wedding. He does not care about her background and really wants to marry her. They decide to have a small country wedding in Alabama even tough Andrew’s mother wanted to have a big wedding in New York. However, everything does not go as planned. As Melanie walks to the aisle, the man who helped them to get the divorce appears to the ceremony place yelling. Melanie had forgotten to sign the divorce paper. The man gives Melanie the paper and she stares at it. She thinks about whether to sign it or not. The groom is very nervous. Melanie decides not to sign the paper. The mother of the groom gets mad and starts yelling at her. Melanie realises that she gave her heart away a long time ago to Jake and did not get it back. Melanie and Andrew do not get married and Andrew and his group leave the ceremony.

Melanie goes to look for Jake who is on the beach where they spend a lot of time as kids.  She tells him that she did not sign the divorce paper and they are still married. She is really proud of Jake as he had become a famous glassblower. Melanie realises that he did it all just to get her back. At first Jake does not seem to want to take her back but then he finally does. The couple goes to the party place where the wedding party was supposed to be. All the guests of Melanie are still there and they celebrate their marriage. They dance a wedding dance which is, of course, Sweet home Alabama.

I would give this movie three stars. I think it was fun and entertaining. It is a lot about confrontation between the rich and the poor, let alone city life and country life. In my opinion the actors play their roles well and the scheme goes on smoothly. Anyway at some points the happenings were a bit predictable.

The five-year engagement

The five-year engagement

The five-year engagement is a romantic comedy from year 2012. Star actors of the movie are: Emily Bunt, Jason Segel and Chris Pratt. It is written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller and directed by Nicholas Stoller.


Movie’s plot is that the main characters Tom and Violet are a couple. They have known each other for about a year when Tom proposes Violet. They have engagement party and after that they are supposed to start planning the wedding. In the beginning of the planning Violet gets in to her dream-university to the different state and they decide to move there together with Tom. Because of studies and life changes they decide that they start to plan the wedding again when they have settled down to the new home in the different state of USA. However the years go by and the wedding starts to already pass out of mind.


In the movie there were many funny parts but the story of the movie was too see-through in some parts and it made the watcher wait to something revolutionary happen and waiting the wedding to be held what happened shortly not until the very end of the 2 hours lasted movie. Emily Blunts role as a bride was adorable and memorable.

The plot is the movie is interesting and easy to identify with because it’s very usual story that happens also in the real life in the wedding planning process. There is included also many real life problems that come up in the relationships nowadays with some comedy added in it, it makes the movie interesting and enjoyable.

In some points of the movie the actors performances got too out of line. The jokes and some scenes were not funny anymore. The story was serious so some of the scenes could have been more serious as well. The music was well selected in the movie and made the right feeling in the scenes.



 Text by Geisy Lahe




Movie Review: In Her Shoes

Movie Review: In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes is a story about two sisters who have completely opposite personalities and who are dealing with problems from their past in different ways. The movie is directed by Curtis Hanson. The name of the movie comes from the fact that only thing in common for these sisters is that they have a same shoe size. Rose has a huge closet of shoes but never wears them. Maggie always borrows them without a permission.

In her shoes

The older one, Rose is played by Toni Colette and Cameron Diaz plays the younger sister, Maggie. Rose is a successful lawyer and Maggie is unemployed party girl. The sisters get in to a huge fight after Maggie moves in and messes up Rose’s life. Afer the incident Rose kicks Maggie out.

The sisters’ mother died when they were little and their grandmother had to stay away from the girls because their father didn’t want her around them. Shirley Mclaine plays the grandmother’s role.

Maggie finds old letters from the grandmother, which they have never even received in the first place. She decides to travel to Florida to meet her and ends up staying with her for a while.

This is not solely a wedding movie but there is a wedding and a bridal party as well as an engagement happening in the movie. It is basically about the relationship between two sisters and also the relationship with their family and relatives. This movie is funny and touching at the same time. It deals with real life problems which are pretty realistic. All of the characters play their roles well, especially Toni Colette. Her role is a little bit more deeper than Cameron Diaz’s role. Diaz is a perfect choice for this careless party girl role who deep inside has a lot of insecurities even though she doesn’t let anyone to see it.

in her shoes

In my opinion the role performances give a viewer a very good idea of the characters personalities. Only thing that bothered me was that the movie was a little bit predictable at some parts. However it was still entertaining to watch and I could watch it again. I would give this movie 4 starts out of 5.

Text by Sara Hämäläinen

Movie review: Bride wars

Movie review: Bride wars


It is well known fact that all the girls plan their wedding from the very early age. Girls play wedding games and plan their dream wedding. In the movie we follow two girls, Emma and Liv, that have been best friends forever and they have a clear idea the way their wedding will be held and most of all were it will be held, Plaza hotel. The movie starts with both of them getting engaged. The viewer will notice from the very beginning that Liv is very competitive and the more dominating party in their friendship. Emma is very down to earth and a friendly and calm person. Their relationship starts struggling from the moment Emma gets engaged, before Liv. The true issues start when the wedding agency books their weddings at the same date. They decide that other one will change the date but as it is their dream wedding they will not change the date but start the war. Their war is very childish but fairly entertaining for the viewer but even the changing each other’s hair color-trics gets very tiring soon.

Even the plot of the movie is very trite, corny and used. Although the movie is fairly entertaining it is still a very normal chick flick with hardly any surprises. The movie good have been made much deeper and interesting. It has some very good points for a much better movie. The story behind Liv’s parents and their death could have been told better and linked greater to Liv’s behaviour and her personality. It was also interesting to discover the partnership of the bride’s and their husbands especially when the other relationship worked and the other didn’t.


When considering the movie from the wedding perspective there is hardly any focus on actually planning the wedding. We see scenes where they are shopping for rings, wedding gowns etc. The most interesting part is too see how the couples behaviour change when the wedding is to be planned. The focus of the movie is mainly in the relationship between the two main characters.

Even when the movie has some good written parts it still feels as it took the easy way out and didn’t want to go deeper into the characters. Overall the movie is very entertaining with good actresses. It is still missing that special something to make the viewer to fell in love with the movie. It is just another Hollywood production on wedding movies. It offers only very light entertainment and that’s it.

Star rating: 1*/5

Text by Karoliina Pekkala

Wedding Daze

Wedding Daze


“Wedding daze” is a romantic comedy movie starred by Jason Bigg (as Anderson) and Ilsa Fisher (as Katie). Anderson is a young man who expend one hard year with depression because after propose to his girlfriend (Vanessa) to marry him, she suffer a heart attack and die immediately.

He wants to make the proposal epic and unforgettable but unfortunately for him his girlfriend will be the main actress. After one year depressive helped by his best friend, Ted, one day at a restaurant Anderson propose to marry him to the waitress (Katie) who is attending their table, just like a joke to show to Ted that he is much better, but she accept and begin the wild love history between two absolutely strangers who will be married in the future.

wedding daze 2

At some points the movie has scenes that they are supposed to be funny but actually are more embarrassing than funny. Also I have to comment that not all the jokes take that way, some of them are very funny.

As for actors and actresses, in some place there are overact. Some parts of the movies the actors are forced to overact, for example the main characters just in some jokes, but other characters are overacting the entire movie; like their friends, relatives and also the police mans. If I have to point which is the worst character and more overact is the Katie’s ex-boyfriend, during the entire movie is impossible to find someone like him, the voice, the movements, at some points he looks like a character from Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie.

The scoring this movie gets from is 2.3/5, this movie has not anything special, and it is just a movie to entertain the public, nothing special but a good and crazy end.2.5 stars

Under the wedding planner and management point of view “Wedding daze” is a movie to remind us that the best weddings haven’t to be the biggest ones. Each wedding is for one different couple and how small details make the difference between a wedding and the wedding. Also we can observe the different problems we can find us when we are planning a wedding, like discussion between the couple, the relative don’t accept the groom or the bride, ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends and police troubles. Obviously those problems are exaggerated.

Thus I can recommend this movie to everyone if you just want don’t think too much meanwhile you are watching a movie. For me could be a good movie to watch it Sunday evening with your partner.

wedding daze3

Text by Miguel Angel Lozano Brau

I Do (But I Don’t)

I Do (But I Don’t)


I Do (But I Don’t) is an American movie from 2004 that is a made-for-television romantic comedy starring Denise Richards and Dean Cain.

Lauren Crandell (Richards) is a junior wedding planner who is assigned to plan the wedding of Carla Tedanski, daughter of the sausage king. Laurens boss promises her a promotion if she does excellent job with the wedding. On one wedding the junior wedding planner meets Nick (Cain), a tall, dark and handsome fire fighter who comes to rescue a groom in trouble and it’s quite obvious that both Lauren and Nick find each other attractive. But then it turns out that Nick is marrying Carla, the bride whose wedding Lauren is supposed to plan in hope of a promotion. Of course something like this had to happen because otherwise the movie would be too simple and predictable.

I think this movie is great for those who want to be wedding planners as it gives a somehow good image of what it is to be a wedding planner. Like Lauren states, the wedding planner is responsible that everything goes well on the big day and it’s the wedding planner’s job to take care of the problems before the bride even notices them. And we can see Lauren changing a flat tire or making last minute changes to the wedding dress.

In my opinion the actors played their roles well and the chemistry between Richard and Cain was good. It wasn’t so great that you could hope for but it wasn’t too stiff either. The supporting actresses Karen Cliche (Karla Tedanski), Jessica Walter (Lauren’s boss) and Mimi Kuzyk (Lauren’s mom) come off well with their roles. I don’t think that any of the actors did an extraordinary acting.

I would recommend this movie for women who dream about being a wedding planner. Otherwise it’s a good movie for a rainy day when you have nothing else to do. I Do (But I Don’t) is a usual comedy that doesn’t offer many plot twists to the viewer. You can easily watch the movie without paying too much effort on it.

I’ll give 2 stars to the movie because it’s not so bad that it would be worth of only one star but I have seen many wedding related movies that are better than this and that’s why I don’t give 3 stars or more.


Text by Tiia Aho

Film review: Runaway Bride

Film review: Runaway Bride

 Runaway Bride

Movie Release:                        1997

Main actors:                            Richard Gere, Julia Roberts

Runaway Bride is one of the most romantic wedding movies ever made. It is a story about columnist Ike Graham (Richard Gere) and a small town girl Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts). Mr Graham is a columnist from a New York City, who writes columns about the love stories of persons he meets in bars and restaurants. One day he meets a guy, who tells a story of a Runaway Bride Maggie Carpenter. Mrs Carpenter is a young woman working in her father’s workshop in small village of Hale. She has been Graham writes a story about her based on this person story and Maggie reacts by getting him fired from his job. To find out the truth about her Mr Graham drives to small village and gets to know her friends and family.

The storyline in the movie never gets boring. Both of the characters are very interesting and it makes you want to see what happens next to them. The film is not only romantic, but it is also a funny movie, which makes the movie very enjoyable and relaxing. The movie is also a good example of being scared to get married without a right reason, because in the movie Mrs Carpenter has tried to get married a few times before but always ran away.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are both very good in their roles in the movie. Gere’s character is very funny, charming and good mannered guy, who is loved by everybody around him. Roberts’ character is on other hand bit more arrogant, shy and scared of weddings.

I would recommend this movie to everybody to watch, because even though you would not be fan of romantic movies, this movie does not let you down.

Movie rating: *****

Written by Joni Holmberg