Brenda’s Wedding Blog

Brenda’s Wedding Blog

My favourite Wedding Blog is called Brenda’s Wedding Blog. It is all about planning elegantly weddings with affordable styles. With more than 31,000 everyday readers Brenda’s Blog belongs to the top 25 wedding blogs of FlipKey. The blog published for the first time in 2005 is one of the most successful ones of the Bridal Bureau. Brenda is a mom of 2 girls, crafter, baker and a graphic designer – everything in all. Following this the contents are: beautiful real weddings, current wedding sales and promotions, latest wedding trends, hot new products. The creation of the blog is very attractive and makes the reader eager for more. On the blog in total 7 categories are to be found:

  • Wedding Blog
  • Hot Wedding Shops / Wedding Vendors I Love Guide
  • Shop / Brenda’s Marketplace aka Wedding Girl on Etsy
  • Edibles
  • About Brenda & Press
  • Feedback
  • Join the Blog aka Advertise.

Main attention lies of course on the Wedding Blog itself. Already at first sight the headings strike the eye and make it impossible NOT to read the posts. Then there follows a smaller affectionately written text (descriptions, recommendations) about dresses, decoration, locations, fashion & more which is supported with professional pictures. With the help of links inserted in the text, the reader can be passed on directly. The blog is tapped of with Giveaway Actions in which the reader can take part.

With the column Hot Wedding Shops – Wedding Vendors I Love Guide dreams of future brides are central. With the help of different categories it is possible to find different shops and wedding vendors helping to realise the dream wedding.

Shop: Brenda’s Marketplace aka Wedding Girl on Etsy – it concerns around a cooperation with the Online Shop Etsy (Wedding Girl) from which custom handmade invitations, paper goodies as well as accessories can be bought for the wedding.

Whereas Brenda cooks and bakes with passion, there is the column Edibles on her blog in which she publishes the recipes and photos of numerous tasty delicacies, cakes and pastries, up to cocktails, wine recommendations and many more! Simply delicious!

In the About Brenda column the reader can get an idea of the blogger and her life. In the column Press you find articles, internet sites or blogs where Brenda’s Blog has been mentioned already, for example Glamour Magazine.

The last both columns Feedback and Join the Blog are completing the blog.

For me the added value of this blog lies in the affectionate presentation. Because of her uploaded photo and the column About Brenda you get an impression about who is behind the posts. On the basis of personal information, for example, her real occupation as a graphic designer or being a mother of 2 girls – she allows her followers some background information about her. To take up with the different kinds of contact options (like email, real mail, Feedback Field) the appearance of a helpful, kind and interested blogger is supported.

In my opinion at least 2 interesting features exist on this blog:

N°1 – Edibles

Thanks to creative and unusual recipe ideas Brenda’s Blog reader can try out something new and try themselves different delicacies through. Thus every wedding refreshment bar becomes an eye-catcher!

N°2 – Hot Wedding Shops / Wedding Vendors I Love Guide

It’s Brenda’s plan to exile the statement: “I could never afford that for my wedding” from the heads of many brides. Brides should have the possibility to plan the wedding of their dreams – at prices they can afford. In addition you have the option of publishing your own website on the blog and therefore the chance to get in touch with more than 31,000 readers.

I have chosen this blog because I would like to indicate with how much love a blog can be formed. Brenda’s style of writing combined with professional pictures is the biggest strength of the blog. Every reader gets an impression how much work and time is behind every single post. The design is one of the principal reasons I have chosen to introduce this blog to you. You realise in many details that Brenda is a graphic designer: logo, blogdesign, layout & colours. All in all, Brenda’s Blog is more than only an inspiration for different wedding elements. It is a nice blog for women and girls who have to plan their dream weddings in future. Just feel free to have a look – and let you insprire!

Brenda’s Wedding Blog:
Brenda’s Wedding Blog:
Brenda’s Wedding Blog:


by Jennifer Steinweg


Custom made jewellery by Papaja

Custom made jewellery by Papaja

Papaja is a Finnish jewellery company which has partnered with us for the upcoming WE DO! Wedding fair 2015 event held in Haaga-Helia Pasila campus on the 15th of May at 12-18. Papaja offers unique, delicate wedding and engagement rings as well as earrings and necklaces.

Anneli Aaltonen is a creative woman who designs and manufactures the jewellery at Papaja for over 13 years. She specialises in custom made jewellery and puts the customer’s own wishes and wants into a concrete, visual composition. Her works have been displayed at numerous exhibitions all over the globe. Her gorgeous crafts will be showcased at our event and (hint hint) YOU may be able to catch her up close and personal at our event. Come join us and get inspired!


Below are a few of Anneli Aaltonen’s beautifully designed works







Check out their website for more information by clicking here and here.


Text by: Tara Morales