Engagement proposal: Tiffany & Co. Cupcake

Engagement proposal: Tiffany & Co. Cupcake


All those Flashmobs and musical proposal you will find on the internet made me feel very unsatisfied when I was looking for an inspirational engagement proposal. On the one hand all those proposals are very cute, but on the other hand in my opinion an engagement proposal should be something very personal and because everyone does those proposal it is very random. So I thought that my engagement idea should be very personal and maybe something that can only fit to this special couple.

Who? (with who?)

Amy (29 years old) is a young woman, who works as a journalist. She grew up in the USA in a small town near to New York. She grew up with the dream to live in her future in Manhattan in a beautiful apartment. So she worked really hard to let her dream come true.

Source: http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/03/9b/2d/f2/new-york-city.jpg

Alexander (31 years old) is an smart man, who is an architect and loves to travel the world. He is from Germany and grew up in Münster. His life goal has always been to build his own house for his family in a big city.

Source: http://www.schloss-wilkinghege.de/images/sehens-wertes/002.jpg

Amy and Alexander met 5 years ago in New York City. Alexander was in New York for 2 weeks to write an report for his university about all those special buildings in New York. It was his first time in BigApple and so you can imagine that a young architect in a city with lots of high buildings fell really fast in love with the city. So he was just walking around the streets and looking at all those buildings and tried to note everything for his report when he finally came to Time Square where he had to stand for some couple of minutes to realize that this really happens.

Source: http://wallstics.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/thumbnail/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/w/s/ws035-skyline_new_york-sv.png

At the same time, Amy’s boss gave her the task for today. She had to write about the best cupcake in New York City and she had to find one cupcake which is inspired by a brand. So Amy went to 10 high rated cupcake stores in NYC and finally got a cupcake inspired by Tiffany & Co. After getting all those different cupcakes to try them she went to the Time Square, because this is here favorite place in NYC and she wants to visit it as many times as possible. But then someone ruined her day, because a man ran accidentally into her and all the cupcakes fell to the ground and were uneatable. She was so angry and shouted at him until he was looking at him. And there was Alexander. He apologized many times and came up with the idea, that he will take the costs and go with here to every cupcake store and buy her new cupcakes.

Source: http://cupcakemojo.com/images/index/bannerImage4.jpg

During their day in NYC they got to know each other and after 10 cupcakes they also changed numbers.

And this was the beginning of the love story from Amy and Alexander. 2 years after their first meeting the moved together in a small apartment in a suburb from NYC.


Alexander want to make a marriage proposal to Amy after a 5 year relationship.


At their 5th anniversary.


Times Square, NYC where everything begun and a new chapter will start.


They have been in a relationship for 5 years and are truly in love with each other and the already gone through thick and thin during those past 5 years.


Alexander organized that there will be a small table and two chairs on the middle of Times Square. He tell her that they will walk through NYC for a while and then they will eat in a restaurant where he reserved. Alexander will get her to Times Square and guide her to the table and tell her to sit down. On the table are 9 cupcakes which are hidden under a scarf. He sit down aswell and start to talk about the day they first met and that he fell in love at first sight with here at this place.

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c0/1_times_square_night_2013.jpg

Then he take the scarf away and 9 cupcakes on which stand “Will u marry me” appear. Then he will get out a little box which looks like a box from Tiffany & Co. with the last cupcake inside that they had to find again 5 years ago. He will go to his knees and gave her this box now open.The cupcake is a bit different, because at the top of it, there is now an engagement ring from Tiffany & Co.

Source: http://ringsview.com/wp-content/uploads/TiffanyBlue_Celebrations_3-5047edb3a6607.jpg

After she said hopefully “yes” they will let the evening end with a walk back home and eating these cupcakes again together and with lots of love and happiness.


This engagement proposal is of course at a very public place, but the story and the gestures make it so personal what I wanted to have.


Text by Victoria Eggersmann


Have your cake and eat it too with Kakkuhelmi!

Have your cake and eat it too with Kakkuhelmi!

I bet you clicked to see more of the article for these 3 reasons: You have no idea about what Kakkuhelmi is. You know it because you are from Finland or yo are just as curious as almost every human being. Okay no more bet and asking as it is time for the answer. If you know Finnish, you can skip this next sentence. Kakku means cake and Helmi is pearl, connect these words you will have pearl cake. Kakkuhelmi is not just a name of a cake but they are also a prestigious cake company – a bakery and pastry shop in Vallila, Helsinki in Finland. In 2009, Pia Penttilä graduated from the baker – confectioner. With the passion and enthusiasm for bakery, Pia decided to start her career – cake decoration and layer cakes from an amateur enthusiasts to a professional one. And with Pia’s endeavor, her dream cake company finally came true in October 2010, when Kakkuhelmi Company was born.

Pia Penttilä (Source: Kakkuhelmi Oy Pinterest)


Wedding cakes (Source: Kakkuhelmi Oy Pinterest)

Source: kakkuhelmi.fi

Kakkuhelmi produces beautiful handmade cakes, delicious cookies and savory offered with high quality craftsmanship, the finest ingredients for customers in the metropolitan area – including families, companies and associations, parties and events. This is to ensure that everyone gets a unique, proprietary products designed for their special occasions. The company will carry a creative look and tasty cakes to the opening of businesses, anniversaries, Christmas parties and other special occasions and events.

If you wish to have an elegant cake for your event or party, company or your association’s logo, diverse and highlight the festive, unique and hilarious or simply your favorite shape such as a book, bag or even a bikini suit, then choosing Kakkuhelmi will not disappoint you. Prices are determined by the size of the cake, the use of ingredients, decorations, workload, and normally prices will be at least starting from 80 €. Cakes sizes start from 10 persons and the size and price will be increased every five more persons (10, 15, 20, 25 …).

All kind of creative and tasty cakes and savoury from Kakkuhelmi (Source: http://www.kakkuhelmi.fi)


Besides those beautiful, unique and tasty handmade cake, the company also has a festive platform for all kind of cakes including round and rectangular cake tray for rent, and Cake Decoration courses. These courses are organized throughout the year, but unfortunately is only available in Finnish at the moment. You will learn how to make decorations for the cake in celebration. You can also register with Kakkuhelmi to keep privately decoration courses to learn how to make decorations according to your wishes and your schedule. Here are contact information and social media platforms from Kakkuhelmi Company: Pinterest | Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin

Kakkuhelmi Oy
Nilsiänkatu 10-14 B, 2nd floor
00510 Helsinki
Tel. 050 339 1135

We are really delighted to have Kakkuhelmi as our partner on Friday 15th May at WE DO! Wedding Fair 2015. Come and join with us because this is a great chance for you to have wonderful time, know more about Kakkuhelmi and enjoy their tasty cakes. We do want to share our happiness and joyfulness with you!


Text by Anh To