My Favourite Wedding Blog -Artfully Wed

My Favourite Wedding Blog -Artfully Wed

Artfully Wed began back in 2010 as Borrowed and Bleu with the aim to inspire creativity and individual artistic moments amongst the journey towards your ‘perfect’ wedding.

The blog allows brides and grooms (yes that right ladies, grooms can and do often wish to have an input into their own wedding too) to view many sectors in accordance with creating their ‘perfect’ wedding.

The toolbar along the top enables readers to create their own virtual experience on the blog. It allows readers to view and browse examples of other couples engagements, weddings and photo shoots, whereby  the reader can gain motivation and inspiration for their perfect wedding.


Artfully Wed hyperlink their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest accounts, this enables readers who have taken an interest into the blog and enjoy the bloggers content to continue to receive inspiration through various social media sites.×390.jpg

Suggested venues,  the venues suitability can be perfectly incorporated with the readers potential/chosen theme. The venues are only suitable with readers from or who are wishing to have their wedding in North or South America.

Tips and advice are a brides new ‘best friend.’ It is a given that brides will stress over their weddings and the smallest details which must be considered, to ensure that the wedding is ‘perfect’ for the bride. Many have advised that the smallest and most personalised details are the aspects of your wedding that your attendees will remember. A very popular post within the tips and advice section of Borrowed and Blue  is, DIY Bridal Emergency Kits.

This blog post advises that a DIY Bridal Emergency Kit must include:

1. Safety pins
2. Bobby pins
3. Band aids
4. A spool of neutral color ribbon – white, ivory, black, brown
5. Straight pins
6. Deodorant
7. Scissors
8. Basic medications – pain reliever and antacid
9. Sewing kit
10. Stain remover pen or wipes

Artfully Wed emotionally connect with the bride and grooms, therefore they successfully provide and specialise in posting creative and unique blog posts that highlight to the bride and groom essential and inspiring factors. Alongside this they post many photos allowing the bride and groom to visualise the theme and potential elements to implement into their ‘perfect’ wedding.

What would you want to see from a wedding blog? What kind of advice and inspiration do you want view?

Artfully Wed

Text by Rebecca

Fazer – Good taste never goes out of style

Fazer – Good taste never goes out of style

You’ve got a sweet tooth? Come to our We Do! Wedding fair at Haaga Helia Pasila Campus (Ratapihantie 13, Helsinki) on 15th May from 12-18 and enjoy Finland’s most beloved chocolate, while having a glance at our wedding attire fashion show, enjoying some great live music and receiving advice for your own wedding from experts of the industry.

When Karl Fazer, the founder of Fazer chocolate factory, decided to become a confectioner, he went to Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg. In 1891 he started his own business in the centre of Helsinki. People during those days really liked Fazer’s  products, which was why he expanded his factory and later moved it out of the city. The factory, which is based in Helsinki’s suburb Vantaa, offers natural water resources. Fazer’s main focus is on chocolate production, but nowadays they also produce bread, cookies, porridge and much more. You can even buy cakes for your wedding there!

There are several Fazer Cafés in Helsinki as well as in other cities and countries, where you can enjoy the great variety of Fazer products. Finnish people as well as tourists really like visiting Fazer Cafés and enjoy some beautiful cake or chocolate there. It is also possible to buy the products in the Cafés as well as in the supermarkets.

Fazer offers all kinds of chocolate that you can think of: nuts, nougat, dark chocolate, white chocolate as well as other sweets and candies. They even have mint or liqueur fillings and angry bird candies.

The ‘Geisha’ chocolate is a combination of the taste of Japonica-pastry, which is offered in Fazer Cafés, and milk chocolate. Since Peter Fazer, who had the idea for this combination, took part in the olympic games in Tokyo as a sailor, the name and the design of the chocolate are inspired by that.

We really hope to see you at our We Do! Wedding fair already taking place next week Friday, so we can enjoy a day full of wedding themes while we are enjoying some lovely Fazer chocolate!

Text by Nina Pieper

Engagement Proposal – Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Engagement Proposal – Mardi Gras, New Orleans

The proposal, another aspect of the wedding that the bride dreams about, however the groom stereotypically dreads! Wedding proposals may follow traditions such as, the prospective groom asking the brides father for her hand in marriage before hand or the potential groom getting down on one knee. Each aspect to the lead up of the proposal, much like your wedding is personal.

Many proposals that have grasped the attention of the online world have done so because they are totally unique. Uniqueness is created through the proposals revolving around the personal aspects on which the couples relationship is based


Inspiration proposal 1

Inspiration proposal 2

Inspiration proposal 3 

The proposals above all have one thing in common, they have been thoroughly planned to suit the couple relationship, each have unique factors and they shows what a relationship can develop from and develop into. There is also an incredible blog called ‘How He Asked’ , this blog shares stories of how couples got engaged and is well worth a read. And ladies, I advise that you have your tissues at the ready when researching proposals!

Proposal 1 stimulated my initial proposal idea through reconnecting the engagement concept with an old memory and whereby the memory holds a strong aspect importance within the couples relationship.

Who? and Why?

My proposal concept is for Liam (26) and Jayne (23) a couple who met at Greenhead College, England through their mutual love of music, Jazz music in particular. Six years on, after meeting in Jazz Band Liam has decided to fly them out to New Orleans, where Jazz Music originated and where their favourite Jazz musician, Louis Armstrong was born.

Where? and When?

Liam has booked to visit New Orleans over the period of Shrove Tuesday and the beginning of Lent so that they can experience the largest Mardi Gras Festival, alongside experiencing the musical atmosphere and the historically Jazz orientated state.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 22.46.58The Maison Bourbon Jazz Club is a venue highly recommended on the Mardi Gras website for excellent views of the Carnival from the club’s expansive balcony which extends onto Bourbon street and St. Peter street. Here James will reserve a table for the two of them to enjoy the Carnival passing by and the buzz it creates as well as sharing and reminiscing about their love of Jazz music and how it brought them together in the first place.


One of the many traditional aspects surrounding the Mardi Gras is for items, mainly beads to be thrown off the floats into the gathering crowds, this is said to represent ‘virtual out-of-body experiences.’ The Maison Bourbon Jazz Club has been reviewed as “although not being on the ground level, we still managed to catch beads, confetti and other items thrown off the floats.” Therefore James will ‘pretend’ to catch a item thrown from the float and turn around to pass it on to Jayne, however as he does so he will get down on one knee to propose. These items caught that are said to represent the ‘virtual out-of-body experience’ will be handed alongside the engagement ring (providing she says yes!).

Text by Rebecca

We did it! Because ‘We Do’ is better than ‘I do’!

We did it! Because ‘We Do’ is better than ‘I do’!

Two weeks ago -on May 15- my Wedding Planning and Management students at HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences and I -as a teacher and project supervisor- organised the WE DO! Weddings In Every Sense -event in Porvoo open to the public. Thanks to all participants, partners, guests, models and organisers! The Wedding Planning and Management course is unique in its kind. This Spring semester our project was to create a memorable event for all the senses for people who are getting married and WE DID IT! Take a taste of this awesome video made by Ansa Production.

Fashion designers, singers, weddings planners, hair-stylists, make-up artists, catering companies, amazing wedding gowns, beautfiul jewellery and 20 beautiful brides were a part of our‘ Spring Fairy Tale Wedding’-themed event. Here is me with 9 of our models-brides! Pose, ladies!

WeDoWeddings (5) Look at all the beautiful ladies on the stairs of HAAGA-HELIA’s Porvoo Campus glaming up the place!

The first two rows of wedding gowns are from MargaretS* Bridal Boutique in Hakaniemi in Helsinki. WeDoWeddings (4)Below you can check out the beautiful SNÖ of Sweden and Kalevala jewellery the models and I are wearing! Kulta-Kamari provided all jewellery for our WE DO! Weddings In Every Sense models! Kulta-Kamari  has shops in Helsinki and Kirkkonummi. Kulta-Kamari at FORUM Shopping Center is located on Mannerheimintie 20 next to the main entrance of the ground floor. Also, in Helsinki a few meters away from FORUM at Simonkatu 10 you will find Kulta-Kamari’s Atéljé. Last, the third location is at PRISMA Kirkkonummi on Munkinmäentie 29. Kulta-Kamari has a wide selection of wedding jewellery! At Kulta-Kamari, you can find your dream engagement- and wedding rings!

All hair and make-up of the models (as well as my hairdo) is done by Jazz Up hair studio in Porvoo.

All the colourful flower arrangements of the event as well as the stunning bridal bouquet the models and I are holding is from the Flower Shop Peikonpähkinä in Porvoo.

All stunning event photos are taken by photographer Kim Ekman from Vision51 stunning photos of our models and I with Kulta-Kamari’s jewellery on! I absolutely love this necklace! Also, it is available in black. I want them both!

WeDoWeddings (6) Take a look at our stunning We Do! brides..

WeDoWeddings (11) Model: Hortense Rey

Dress: Ulla Vainikka

The first two dresses are designed and made by fashion designer Ulla Vainikka. This white strapless wedding dress worn by Hortense is made out of silk chiffon it has beautiful satin stripes that catch the eye. The top of the dress is pleated horizontally and the lower part of the dress has fullness and a short train. The shoes are from Valkoinen Kreivitär. In Ulla’s opinion a timeless silhouette, good design and cut, high quality fabrics and skilful execution guarantee that pleasing clothes goes along with you for a long time. She designs individual clothes and accessories both for everyday life and celebrations.

WeDoWeddings (10) Model: Sannariina Sydänmetsä

Dress: Ulla Vainikka

The dress is made out of thai-silk. The fabric is folded and pleated asymmetrically. The folds open at the top and the dress has an opening in the front, showing her legs.

WeDoWeddings (12) Model: Linda Partti

Dress: Valkoinen Kreivitär

The dress Linda is wearing is from Sincerity collection. The dress is decorated with lace fabric and it has also beautiful long lace sleeves.  On her head Linda is wearing a tiara from Lily.

WeDoWeddings (7) Model: Amanda Kaskela

Dress: Valkoinen Kreivitär

Amanda is wearing a short dress from Party Line. This dress is perfect for bridal or other celebrations.  Amanda is wearing shoes from Lily.

WeDoWeddings (13) Model: Enni Hirvonen

Dress: Valkoinen Kreivitär

Enni is wearing a Party Line lacy wedding dress and a beautiful Bianco Evento lacy bolero covering her shoulders.

WeDoWeddings (8) Model: Anna Rantakivi

Dress: Irina Rogusina

Anna is wearing a dress designed and made by dressmaker Irina Rogusina.  Irina sews dresses at home in her own sewing atelier in Vantaa. Her dresses are personal, unique and custom-made. She plans and designs the dresses from the beginning and after sewing makes corrections if needed.

WeDoWeddings (9) Model: Clotilde Dincher

Dress: Inka-Tuuli Pyykönen

This beautiful short wedding dress Clotilde is wearing has been made by Inka-Tuuli for the I love me -fair bridal hairstyles competition. The dress has been kept simple so the beautiful redrafting of the collar would increase even more. Inka is a graduate of the Kouvola Region Vocational College with a  vocational qualification in textile and fashion design and is eager to design more wedding dresses in the future.

WeDoWeddings (14) This is the dream team that brought the event to life with their hard work and creativity! See you next year for WE DO! Weddings in Every Sense 2015!

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Check out what the Finnish- and Swedish-speaking press wrote about our WE DO! Weddings in Every Sense -event! Uusimaa Uusimaa-2 10379731_481943481951613_7716061531077315597_o

Text: Chryssa Skodra

Photos: Kim Ekman (Vision51)