Hindu and Buddhism Interfaith Wedding

Hindu and Buddhism Interfaith Wedding

Presentation by Rebecca and Hannah

Music… Food for the soul!

Music… Food for the soul!

Viviane Bossina, a 22-year-old girl comes all the way from Brazzaville, Congo to Finland to pursue not only her study career – International Business at Haaga – Helia University of Applied Sciences but also her passion – singing. Looking at her on stage, you will realize that taking over the audience and adapting nice atmosphere are not difficulties for Viviane. As being said that performance experiences have to have time to accumulate, Viviane has appeared on various occasions since 2007. With a confident and passionate style on stage, Viviane will guide you to every moods, but the most significant feeling that remain in your mind is peacefulness.

Source: Viviane Bossina facebook

Being an independent singer, Viviane’s music genre prone to be R & B, soul, neo – soul, gospel and jazz than rap music. Although she is a young girl, her gorgeous voice could sing those high or even deep notes passionately, expressively and skillfully. Her voice is a gift from the above with full of liveliness whenever you listen to her singing.

Source: VAPIANO Helsinki

Listen to her once, and you will hardly forget. Vivane Bossina, “a girl who loves to sing and who wants to share her gift with you” “Will you join me on this musical journey?” – She said.

Will you come to our WE DO! Wedding Fair 2015 this year on 15th May at Haaga – Helia Pasila Campus to join with Viviane on her musical journey? Don’t hesitate to come with your friends or even on your own if you are free at that time, because we promise the Wedding Fair will give you much more surprises than you ever expect!

Text by Anh To

We did it! Because ‘We Do’ is better than ‘I do’!

We did it! Because ‘We Do’ is better than ‘I do’!

Two weeks ago -on May 15- my Wedding Planning and Management students at HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences and I -as a teacher and project supervisor- organised the WE DO! Weddings In Every Sense -event in Porvoo open to the public. Thanks to all participants, partners, guests, models and organisers! The Wedding Planning and Management course is unique in its kind. This Spring semester our project was to create a memorable event for all the senses for people who are getting married and WE DID IT! Take a taste of this awesome video made by Ansa Production.

Fashion designers, singers, weddings planners, hair-stylists, make-up artists, catering companies, amazing wedding gowns, beautfiul jewellery and 20 beautiful brides were a part of our‘ Spring Fairy Tale Wedding’-themed event. Here is me with 9 of our models-brides! Pose, ladies!

WeDoWeddings (5) Look at all the beautiful ladies on the stairs of HAAGA-HELIA’s Porvoo Campus glaming up the place!

The first two rows of wedding gowns are from MargaretS* Bridal Boutique in Hakaniemi in Helsinki. WeDoWeddings (4)Below you can check out the beautiful SNÖ of Sweden and Kalevala jewellery the models and I are wearing! Kulta-Kamari provided all jewellery for our WE DO! Weddings In Every Sense models! Kulta-Kamari  has shops in Helsinki and Kirkkonummi. Kulta-Kamari at FORUM Shopping Center is located on Mannerheimintie 20 next to the main entrance of the ground floor. Also, in Helsinki a few meters away from FORUM at Simonkatu 10 you will find Kulta-Kamari’s Atéljé. Last, the third location is at PRISMA Kirkkonummi on Munkinmäentie 29. Kulta-Kamari has a wide selection of wedding jewellery! At Kulta-Kamari, you can find your dream engagement- and wedding rings!

All hair and make-up of the models (as well as my hairdo) is done by Jazz Up hair studio in Porvoo.

All the colourful flower arrangements of the event as well as the stunning bridal bouquet the models and I are holding is from the Flower Shop Peikonpähkinä in Porvoo.

All stunning event photos are taken by photographer Kim Ekman from Vision51 stunning photos of our models and I with Kulta-Kamari’s jewellery on! I absolutely love this necklace! Also, it is available in black. I want them both!

WeDoWeddings (6) Take a look at our stunning We Do! brides..

WeDoWeddings (11) Model: Hortense Rey

Dress: Ulla Vainikka

The first two dresses are designed and made by fashion designer Ulla Vainikka. This white strapless wedding dress worn by Hortense is made out of silk chiffon it has beautiful satin stripes that catch the eye. The top of the dress is pleated horizontally and the lower part of the dress has fullness and a short train. The shoes are from Valkoinen Kreivitär. In Ulla’s opinion a timeless silhouette, good design and cut, high quality fabrics and skilful execution guarantee that pleasing clothes goes along with you for a long time. She designs individual clothes and accessories both for everyday life and celebrations.

WeDoWeddings (10) Model: Sannariina Sydänmetsä

Dress: Ulla Vainikka

The dress is made out of thai-silk. The fabric is folded and pleated asymmetrically. The folds open at the top and the dress has an opening in the front, showing her legs.

WeDoWeddings (12) Model: Linda Partti

Dress: Valkoinen Kreivitär

The dress Linda is wearing is from Sincerity collection. The dress is decorated with lace fabric and it has also beautiful long lace sleeves.  On her head Linda is wearing a tiara from Lily.

WeDoWeddings (7) Model: Amanda Kaskela

Dress: Valkoinen Kreivitär

Amanda is wearing a short dress from Party Line. This dress is perfect for bridal or other celebrations.  Amanda is wearing shoes from Lily.

WeDoWeddings (13) Model: Enni Hirvonen

Dress: Valkoinen Kreivitär

Enni is wearing a Party Line lacy wedding dress and a beautiful Bianco Evento lacy bolero covering her shoulders.

WeDoWeddings (8) Model: Anna Rantakivi

Dress: Irina Rogusina

Anna is wearing a dress designed and made by dressmaker Irina Rogusina.  Irina sews dresses at home in her own sewing atelier in Vantaa. Her dresses are personal, unique and custom-made. She plans and designs the dresses from the beginning and after sewing makes corrections if needed.

WeDoWeddings (9) Model: Clotilde Dincher

Dress: Inka-Tuuli Pyykönen

This beautiful short wedding dress Clotilde is wearing has been made by Inka-Tuuli for the I love me -fair bridal hairstyles competition. The dress has been kept simple so the beautiful redrafting of the collar would increase even more. Inka is a graduate of the Kouvola Region Vocational College with a  vocational qualification in textile and fashion design and is eager to design more wedding dresses in the future.

WeDoWeddings (14) This is the dream team that brought the event to life with their hard work and creativity! See you next year for WE DO! Weddings in Every Sense 2015!

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Check out what the Finnish- and Swedish-speaking press wrote about our WE DO! Weddings in Every Sense -event! Uusimaa Uusimaa-2 10379731_481943481951613_7716061531077315597_o

Text: Chryssa Skodra

Photos: Kim Ekman (Vision51)

Film review: 27 dresses

Film review: 27 dresses



“27 dresses” is a story about a woman who likes weddings since she is child. Her name is Jane, she likes to organize her friends’ wedding but she is always a bridesmaid. She is single, not very happy in her own life and always takes care of others instead of her life.

One night, she assists at two weddings in the same time and she meets Kevin Doyle, a writer.

After the wedding Kevin escorts Jane to her flat, however she forgets her diary in the taxi.

He wants to give it back but by opening it he realizes that this woman has a surprising life, she organizes and assists at weddings all the time.

He wants to learn more about her…


–          Jane (Katherine Heigl): She is touching, too much helpful. She likes weddings; wedding dresses, wedding cakes, precious tissues… She is organized and an efficient wedding planner.

–          Kevin Doyle (James Marsden): At the beginning, he is a social climber, he wants to evolve in his career by using Jane but finally he realized that she is a good person and he feels bad. He is handsome.

–          Tess (Malin Akerman): She looks like a spoiled child who has all what she wants. She is beautiful and disrespectful. We understood at the end, that she did not have all she wants; she lost her job and does not find love.

–          Dad (Brian Kerwin): He loves his daughters and wants their happiness.

–          George (Edward Burns): He is a good person, he believes Tess instead she was lying during all their relationship.

My opinion

I liked the movie because this is a girl movie, about romance and love story. However, the end was obvious. It was interesting because I saw different wedding themes like Chinese wedding, Hard rock, Indian, Classic, Underwater weddings…

This movie was a good example to plan a wedding because several parts of the wedding organization was presented, guests list, wedding cake, choice’s venue, wedding dress…

To conclude, this movie was a good illustration of the Wedding Planning class.


The music was suitable during the entire movie. I appreciated the voice-off which illustrated Jane’s thoughts.

The story was simple but pleasant. I spent a good time by watching it. I put 4* for “27 dresses” movie.

Written by Marion Dechavanne

Summer wedding on the beach!

Summer wedding on the beach!

centerpiece1837   beachthemeweddingideas   93764_beach-cpieces-blue-lg

Ideal venue

The ideal venue for this type of wedding is in the beach.

The wedding could take place in an island, like Hawaii, Caribbean, Tahiti, Dominican Republic, or in Greece, in French Riviera, Monaco, St Tropez… Each destination with a beach access could be chosen.


For this concept, the wedding will takes place in June, in a beach near to Bonifacio in Corsica. As wedding destinations, the isle of beauty is perfect for your beach themed wedding. White sand beaches, cristal warm water, hidden creeks, floral vegetation …You will find it all in Corsica. It is an exotic and exclusive destination just for the two of you.

Wedding attire for the bride and groom

The wedding dress could be white or ivory and light and flying. The groom costume will be in grey or clear brown. The bridesmaid dresses could be colorful, in coral or turquoise for example.

     Wedding-Dress-For-Beach-Weddings   imagesgf


The food could be hot or cold and exotic or more traditional. For this concept, I chose a buffet wedding with fresh salads, cold soups like gazpacho, melon or watermelon and tropical fruits, seafood plate (scallops, lobsters, crab, prawn…).


Appetizers can be passed during the cocktail hour. For a beach wedding, delicious appetizers include: Sushi, Shrimp cocktail, Mini crab cakes, Fresh tropical fruit, Iced oysters, Crab or shrimp stuffed mushrooms, Coconut shrimp, Sun-dried tomato bread, Key lime popcorn chicken.

Beverages and wedding cakes

The wedding cake will be blue and white decorated by shell and starfish in sugar or white chocolate.

cup-cake-beach-wedding-cakes   Wedding-Cake-Beach-Theme-Shells-Sand-682x1024   beach-cake-720   wedding cake

For beverage, a cocktail bar will be settled (margaritas, pina-coladas, granite cocktails…), water and white wine will be available on tables. Champagne will be served during the cocktail hour with appetizers.

The floral decor

The venue will be decorated by white flowers. Some red flowers petals could be disposed on the way to go to the altar.

mer100-copie-1  budget-wedding-decore16-reception-centerpiece-seashells-beach-theme

Music and entertainment

For this wedding, a DJ will carry out the musical animation and will play some lounge music. Guests will prepare some speeches for the brides.


The bride will arrive by riding a horse to the ceremony and the couple will leave by boat at the end.

Written by Deborah Kutsch and Marion Dechavanne

For more informations visit : http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/summer-wedding-on-the-beach-deborah-marion/

Purple wedding theme

Purple wedding theme

Purple Wedding

purple-cherry-blossom-wedding-bouquet-2   inspirationvday  41447259040140105X4weMNs9c

The venue       


This concept will take place in a castle in Provence, South of France, because of the lavender flower.The wedding will takes place during July because is the lavender flowering season and some part of the region are purple.

Wedding attire for the bride and groom    

 dark-purple-wedding-dress-8   Latest_new_design_purple_and_white_wedding   57_39b4c943889a3f0c

The wedding dress will be purple and white. It could be all purple or all white with some purple touches. The bride will wear purple shoes. For the groom attire, he will wear a grey or black suit with a purple tie and white shirt. He could wear a purple flower in his suit pocket.


Purple Party (10) (1)   Purple-Menu

For a purple wedding, there will be a purple candy bar. A purple sweet buffet with grape, fig, raspberry, blackberry, purple cup cakes, purple macarons. The food will be presented like buffet, we will be able to find purple potato gnocchies or red cabbage salad and other food colouring with red onions.

Beverage and wedding cakes         

Pwc-50044   purple-party-300x300  Calla-Lily-and-Pearl-Embellished-Purple-Wedding-Cake

For the beverage, purple cocktails will be serve with blue curacoa and champagne with blackberry, blackcurrant liqueur or raspberry kirsh… The wedding cake could be white with sugar purple flowers of fake jewlery, or with purple shades.

The floral decor  

purple-wedding-7  images  vibrant-wedding-flowers-bright-yellow-green-purple-orchids-bride-wears-white-wedding-dress-groom-in-black-tux.original

For the floral décor, purple flowers will be use: lavenders, carnations, violets, speddwells, purple amenone flowers, pansies, tulips… for bouquets and table decoration.

Music and entertainment

For this concept, a Dj will carry out the musical animation. He will play some Deep Purple’s songs. This is a rock band.


The bride will arrive with her father in a purple vittage car decorated by flowers, ribbon. The couple will leave, after the ceremony in this car.

Written by Deborah Kutsch and Marion Dechavanne

For more informations, please visit : http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-purple-wedding-deborah-marion/

Venitian Wedding

Venitian Wedding

The venue

Venice is a great destination for weddings.

Concerning the ceremony we have chosen Santa Maria della Salute church which is a Roman Catholic church and really beautiful. It’s located in the Dorsoduro sestiere of the Italian city of Venice.

For this couple the reception of the wedding takes place in Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice. The hotel offers a different view of Venice and it’s perfect for a wedding.

Hilton Molino Stucky Venice is located on the island of Giudecca, just a few minutes by boat from Piazza San Marco. The Hotel is reachable both by vaporetto water bus and water taxi from all your arrival points.

In addition, there is a regular complimentary hotel shuttle boat from Hotel Molino Stucky Venice to Piazza San Marco and Zattere.

Wedding ceremony            Wedding reception           Wedding reception

Wedding attire for the bride and groom

The couple wishes to relate the theme of Venice with the carnival of Venice.

The bride will wear a white and black dress with a volume full skirt and a bridal comb in her hair.

The groom will wear a black suit with white shirt and a black bow tie.

Both of them could wear for the reception a typical mask from the carnival of Venice.

Furthermore, all the guests will wear as well Venetian mask during the reception.

Bridal's dress  Groom attire            Guests' masks

Food and beverage

The food offered at a Venetian-themed wedding reception can also evoke Venice by using ingredients and preparations native to the region. While traditional Italian food may be served, we can also consider food typical of the Veneto region, which is more culturally influenced by cuisines outside of Italy. Rice dishes are important in Venice, as well as duck and many types of seafood. Canapés and main dishes featuring creamed cod, roasted eel or cuttlefish in their own ink are adventurous offerings to add to a wedding menu. Bellinis are a signature Venetian cocktail made of peach puree and Prosecco.

The menu following is the menu we chose for this Venetian wedding:

Welcome Cocktail



Prosecco from Conegliano Contarini

Champagne cocktail with green apple


Served by gloved waiters circulating amongst guests:

Parmigiano cheese flakes with salty toasted almonds

Small corn flour and black cabbage turbans with Cinta pork meat

Brioches sweet bread with rosemary pate

Stuffed crepè rolls

Small vegetables strudels

Spicy white meats skewers

Shrimp tails with bacon

Fried foods:

Cinnamon Parmigiano cheese cubes

Rice balls with ewe’s cheese and truffle

Milky white onion rings

Small fried breaded chicken cutlet

Zucchini flowers


Wedding Cake

                                                        Wedding cake        wedding food        Aperitizers


Floral decoration

For the name of the tables we will use some famous name of place in Venice like ‘rialto’s bridge’, ‘lagune’s bridge’ (…)  or some word related to Venice like carnival, gondola…

Then, we will use some gondola’s accessories to decorate the place of the reception and for the centrepiece, some carnivals’ masks with typical flowers from Italy.

The long-standing tradition of Carnival in Venice with its masquerades can turn your wedding into a specifically Venetian one, where masks may decorate your venue or be worn by the guests. These may include papier-mache masks, plumed imagination masks, half-faced masks and masks from Italian comedy.

The country of Italy features a vast array of climates, which in turn produce a vast array of flowers.

The bride’s bouquet will be with be constituted by typical Italian’s flowers like Bougainvillea, Trumpet Gentian, Jasmine, Lavender.

Floral decoration           masks           wedding decoration             invitation

Music and entertainment

During the reception it will be a ball with a violinist group.

All the guests will wear a mask to relate to the Venice’s carnival.

music        wedding bal


The location of the church allows the bride to arrive in gondola, a famous and so romantic way of transportation in Venise.


Written by Coline Dheyriat, Miguel Angel Lozano, Coralie Maysounabe

For more informations visit http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/venitian-wedding-coline-miguel-coralie/