Wedding Nouveau

Wedding Nouveau

One of the great things about Wedding Nouveau is that it doesn’t just focus on traditional weddings but also introduces readers to the different styles and combinations that can come from inter-racial and cultural weddings. It features a great combination of various styles, ranging from an inter-racial classic barn wedding to an inter-cultural east Indian/Mexican fusion wedding. I think this is great as it really helps to not only inspire you but also smooth over any worries you may have. I know for sure that a few of my family members who have had inter-cultural weddings definitely had a few worries about trying to combine both of their countries traditions. For example when my British uncle married his Latvian wife, there was a lot of stress over not only merging a few different traditions together but also figuring out how to hold the ceremony in two different languages, this blog really shows how this is possible and how greatly successful such weddings can be.

If I had to choose 3 words that best describe this blog, I would go with appealing, sophisticated and easy. This blog is simply really easy to follow. What I really loved about this blog when I first read it is its professional and eye catching styling. When you first arrive at the page, your eyes are automatically drawn to all the photos. Unlike many other blogs, this one doesn’t follow the scroll down styling but has thumbnail pictures, which when clicked on take you to another page, describing the wedding in much more detail. This is great as it’s a really easy way to visit the entry about a wedding that actually speaks to you. Simply click on the picture that first catches your eye and your away.

As you can see from the image below, the amount of pictures on the page doesn’t make it look messy though, the monochrome background with the geometric picture layout make this blog look sophisticated and professional whilst also making sure its super easy to find your way around.

Wedding Nouveau


If, like me, you find yourself reading this blog and thinking that it reminds you of a magazine website, then you too are right! This blog is actually printed in a magazine format which you can buy straight from their online shop. If that’s still not enough for you, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube as well!

This blog is not only a place of inspiration though, it also provides the details and links to the websites of many people involved in the wedding as well, such as the make-up artists, florists and the jewellers that were used etc. This is great if you live in the same area as these people, for example NYC, which is unsurprisingly featured quite a lot.

There is a fashion and décor section, a colour palette gallery, a selection of wedding invitations (I would have to go for the Oscar De La Renta ones of course!), an online store, a hard copy and all the inspiration you could desire when planning your big day. What more could you wish for really?


Text by Jessica Harrington

Wedding Factory – Let’s create your wedding!

Wedding Factory – Let’s create your wedding!

As everyone knows, planning a wedding can be extremely stressful! Come down to our We Do! Wedding fair in Helsinki this Friday to hear Wedding Factory explain the process of how to build the wedding day schedule and program! Wedding Factory offers wedding and event planning services focusing on personal touches executed to the bride and grooms every wish.

Wedding Factory details
Wedding Factory details

Wedding Factory help you plan your Wedding or Event every step of the way. They take care of the planning, invitations and reservations for your wedding party and they will be there to make sure that everything is going just as planned.

Wedding Factory details
Wedding Factory details

Don’t worry if you still need help with inspiration, they will help you from the very beginning of your event until the very end! There services include brainstorming, drawing up a budget, the party schedule and program, managing catering, invitations and decorations! What’s more, you can even rent decorations from them including chair covers, tablecloths, accessories and dishes.

Wedding Factory table setting
Wedding Factory table setting

Wedding Factory bears the stress and urgency on behalf of the bridal couple, giving you time to enjoy the celebration and each other! So whether your party is large or small, contact them here or email for a free consultation!

Text by Jessica Harrington

Wedding Theme : Barns

Wedding Theme : Barns

I always liked small weddings, not very fancy (but still classy) and I like when it is natural and simple. So I came up easily with a barn wedding concept. It has to be kind of rustic but keeping in mind that it is an actual wedding so it has to be magical, beautiful. What I like about wedding in barns is that is very intimism, personalize, warm and it says something about the couple, it reflects who they are and what the like. Here you can find some ideas and inspiration about barns weddings.

The venue

The ideal venue will be a barn who has been restored and who is now dedicated to events like weddings.


The venue I found perfect for this theme is Santa Lucia Preserve in California, Carmel. The place is just gorgeous, surrounded by giant trees and if offers a lot of possible decoration. It perfectly feet with my barns wedding theme and it is not too rustic, it is the perfect balance between nature and chic.


The ceremony can also be planned in the same place, and it is just beautiful and magic, right in the forest for one of the important moments of the day.



In my opinion the invitations has to reflect the wedding theme: the colour, the typeface, the style has to link with the barn wedding. I suggest brown ton with some touch of colour to make the invitation colourful.



Flowers and decoration

For the flower I think that it is a good idea if they look like they just been collected from a forest. They have to symbolize the nature and concord with the barn who has been chosen. I would recommend some very simple with flower with colourful flowers.




For the decoration I think the best is to insist on the lights to give a very romantic and magical atmosphere. I think there is no debate a barn isn’t the most beautiful place it have a wedding but once it is arranged I think that miracle can be made and this why decoration is very important.

Larissa Cleveland Photography

There is some good ideas :


Wedding attire

For the groom I will not recommend jean as I saw on Internet. The groom should be not wearing a black and white suits but more simple and discrete colour with one or two flower on his vest. Grey or beige are colour to be considered.


About the bride I will recommend a very simple dress, a little tight with some lace. Lace is always very chic and classy and it does a lot in a wedding dress more than a filmy dress.


Food, Beverage & Wedding Cake

For the beverage obviously champagne and white wine to give to the atmosphere something fancy. But for the food I would pick some basic ingredient such as chicken and French fries to keep in mind the wedding theme but cook it in a way that it something gastronomic and fancy.



To stay in the barn theme I would also propose some lemonade and fresh juice. And a few beers but keeping in mind that it’s a wedding and it has to be classy.


The wedding cake would be simple but beautiful and with a lot of sugar.


Music & Entertainment

If the couple can have a country music band it would be the best during the diner or between the diner and the ‘party time’. It would really fit with the entire atmosphere.


This is a few suggestions for the music during the wedding:

  • The Lumineers – Hey Ho
  • Jack Johnson – Better Together
  • Of Monster & Men – Little Talks
  • Kings of Leon – Use Somebody
  • Goethe – Somebody I Used To Know
  • Paolo Nutini – Jenny Don’t Be Hasty
  • Blondie – Heart of Glasses
  • The Stereophonics –
  • Neon Trees – Everybody Talks
  • Beyonce – Halo
  • Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
  • Maroon 5 – Sugar

I will also recommend a photo booth, generally people are happy to bring some memories pictures from a wedding day.

Photobooth by: Ben Pancoast Photography



Depends on the couple it can be an old car, horses or a tractor.


Text by Constance Hamard

Rock Climbing Engagement Idea

Rock Climbing Engagement Idea

 A Rock climbing Engagement idea- Perfect for the truly adventurous.rock climbing engagement

Photo by Carl Zoch


Its always great to incorporate a part of your life together into your proposal so what better than one of your favourite hobbies. Are you an adventurous couple who love outdoor pursuits? Do you love nothing more than swapping your town shoes for your hiking boots and your duvets for sleeping bags? If so, this engagement idea may be right up your street!


Picture this, you and your girlfriend are heading out on another adventure but this time you’re not going skiing or boarding. Summer time is fast approaching and you’re going rock climbing. Your favourite climbing spot, tucked away in the mountains, hidden from the tourists and beginners. This spot is yours, the place you can’t seem to stay away from.

Climbing engagement photos- @Sam McHardy Proctor

Engagement shoot-Sam Proctor


A perfect spring day. The air is crisp and the skies are clear. Perfect for those all important panoramic views. But if your skills and abilities are up for it, why not push it to sunset. Just a few hours makes the setting much more romantic.

rock climbing engagement portrait


You start the day out like any other climbing day. You wake up early, check the weather report (it’s going to be a blue bird!), have a hearty breakfast with a nice helping of coffee, you pack your backpacks and your away.  You drive as close as you can and walk the rest of the way like you normally do. You’ll harness up and check the ring can’t fall out of your pocket (really make sure) and set off. As you start to near the top, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re in the lead. The time has come and as she climbs over that final ridge and clambers up, shell see you, down on one knee, with the best view you could possibly have. How could she say no?

Rock Climbing engagement photos by Gwendolyn Tundermann (

A rock climbing engagement. Source: Gwendolyn Tundermann

Text by Jessica Harrington

Read all about it…

Read all about it…

Boasting about 82,000 readers, the We Do! Wedding Fair are pleased to have Häät magazine as a wonderful partner for the fair taking place on 15th May at Pasila Campus in Helsinki.

Editor in chief of Häät wedding magazine and, Sari Yli-Salomäki expresses her excitement for our upcoming wedding fair: “I am so excited to be present at the upcoming We Do! Wedding Fair 2015! It will be a perfect day to meet our readers and connect with our colleagues from other wedding related companies as well as the members of the organising committee. I am also looking forward to sharing my thoughts about the hottest wedding trends in 2015 and beyond with everyone.”

Häät magazine is the oldest Finnish bridal magazine with an ongoing mission to provide ideas, advice and inspiration to wedding couples. Häät magazine have grown successfully, having been involved in many projects including cooperation with Wedding MTV3 and Fair Centre. Not only is the bridal magazine available in print version, but you can also access lots of other information online via the Häät magazine website. Here you will find useful tips and services on honeymoon destinations, wedding invitation, dresses etc.

haat magazine summer autumn 2015
Häät magazine summer/autumn 2015

Sari Yli-Salomäki continues to comment, “We have been very committed to our readers from the very beginning, and I think this is the reason why Häät Wedding Magazine has been the leading bridal title since the first issue was published in 1994. Finnish brides and grooms are always our #1 priority. Nowadays Häät is a very active brand also online and in social media. Since October 2014 Häät’s readers have had a choice whether they want to buy a printed issue or an access code to Häät Digital Wedding Magazine (!/issue/3) with the same content and some extras, for example links and videos.”

On average, 27,400 weddings have took place in Finland over the years 2010-2014 and Häät magazine is available to you all year round to help you in making decisions that will ultimately create a special event for you and your partner. As a leading wedding magazine in Finland, they promise to deliver the best bridal market to you and it’s been said that not many brides can arrange a wedding without taking on board some excellent tips and advice from Häät magazine!

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 13.27.12
Häät magazine website. Worth taking a look!

Häät magazine will be present at our fair on 15th May to discuss and review the best of 2015 wedding trends to you as well as share their inspiration on what is to come in 2016. Follow them on all social media including twitter: @haatlehti ; Facebook: ; Youtube: ; Pinterest: and Instagram:  @haatfi. They look forward to meeting you at the event!

By Hannah Walsh

Adventure themed wedding

Adventure themed wedding

This wedding is perfect for a genuinely adventurous couple, whether they are into hiking, camping, rock climbing or skiing. A well rounded adventurer will love the location and the outdoor setting of this wedding. After all Kitzbühel is a centre for all things sporty.

The wedding will be held in a church in the centre of town giving a traditional wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, guests will stroll through town to the gondola station and take the gondola up to the top of the mountain where the reception will be held in a mountain top chalet.


A view across Kitzbühel. Source:

Kitzbuhel summer wedding

Kitzbühel church wedding.  Source:

Summer is the perfect time for this type wedding. The weather is warm, flowers are in bloom across the mountain and the odds of a no rain are in your favour. This time of year you can actually enjoy the sunshine, sit on the terrace and wont have to constantly dodge skiers trying to show off!


Kitzbühel chalet.

'Just Married' Gondola Ride at Killington Resort

Gondola to the reception. Source

The theme and décor of this wedding will be rather relaxed, incorporating many natural and rustic elements, all coinciding with the adventure theme and personality of the couple. The save the date cards are one of the most important features that set the tone of the wedding and give guests an idea of what to expect. For this wedding the cards will not only have all of the important information but will also depict a mountain scene with the words “our adventure begins” therefore setting the scene for the wedding. The cards can be purchased here.


A great idea for a save the date card

Save the date cards. Source:

In order to direct guests from the chairlift to the reception chalet, signs with adventure quotes will be propped up on trees, enforcing that all important theme.


I knew when I saw you an adventure was going to happen- by GrabersGraphics


Perfect. In every way.


Once inside the chalet, the place settings will be in tune with the rustic theme with the possibility of using thin tree stumps for the place mats and mini stumps being used for the seating card holders.


Perfect if your seating is outdoors

Place setting. Source:

Mini tree stump seating card holders - great for a mountain wedding! Photo by Alison VagniniSeating card holders. Source: Alison Vagnini

On each table there will be a couple disposable cameras with a list of “I Spy” targets which must be photographed such as ‘the biggest smile’ and ‘cutest older couple’. Games such as hide and seek in the nearby area may also be suggested. This is a great way to not only get a view of the wedding from the guests perspective but to also keep (younger) guests entertained as weddings can be a rather long event for younger members.


I Spy cards, a great way to get a different view of the wedding!I Spy check list. Source:

The cake will be in keeping with the theme either by having a simple summer wedding cake placed on top of a tree stump matching the place mats or you could opt for a simple cake decorated with summer fruits and deer on the top, representing the couples love of nature and wildlife.


tree stump cake stand is adorable; with clusters of fresh flowers on the cake, photo by Wright Photographs

Cake suggestion. Source:

Cake suggestion. Source:

The drinks served at the reception will undoubtedly depend on the tastes of the couple and could range from champagne to cider. For this style of wedding you could definitely have a mix and serve both, switching to beer or DIY cocktails as the night progresses.


Cocktail wedding favour

DIY cocktails. Source

what to drink? beer of course!  Source-

Stiegl beer. Source:

If the mountain top you chose has a lake or you as a couple are into water sports, this boat cool box would look great! This could easily be paired with the option of using mini compasses as seating card holders doubling up as party favours.


If your getting married by a lake, this kind of needs to be there...

Rowing boat cool box. Source:

compass favor & seating card.

Seating card holders. Sourcee:

As this wedding is held outside in the summertime and is a more casual affair than typical weddings, I think that pink and navy would be a great combination for the bride and groom. Its classy and smart whilst also suiting the setting more than your typical black and white.

Pink and Navy. Great for an outdoor wedding

Groom’s Suit. Source:

A simple and casual dress

Brides dress. Source: Sherri Hill

For the music- band or DJ? Well that’s really up to the individual you. But if you did opt for a band, you could check out a local band and spend your night dancing away to typical Tyrolean music. The choice is yours!

Does this wedding sound appealing to you? If so head over to the Kitzbühel website to find out more about this enchanting town. If you do decide to go with Kitzbühel, here’s a link to a local wedding planner who could help you every step of the way, after all location weddings are a bit trickier.

If you would like any more inspiration on the topic of adventure themed weddings, check out this pinterest post!

Text by Jessica Harrington

Suvi Tanssi – For the Love of Dance

Suvi Tanssi – For the Love of Dance

Suvi Koponen is a dancer and lives in Helsinki. She works in the field of dance and physical education. Dancing has been a part of her life for the last 25 years. The experience in the national team dance competition in Finland was her inspiration to establish a professional dancing studio. Suvi Koponen teaches, among other things, the following types of dance: Latin Dance, Dance Classes, Bailatino, Body Care & Stretching and Couple Dance. Besides Suvi Koponen is a personal trainer and helps people who would like to get an improved physical feeling.


A lot of couples take teaching lessons for their upcoming wedding. With the help of Suvi Koponen every couple is able to have a romantic and harmonic wedding dance.

We are happy to welcome Suvi Tanssi with a special wedding dance workshop at our wedding fair on 15th of May!




Source: Suvi Tanssi

Text by Jennifer Steinweg