Hindu and Buddhism Interfaith Wedding

Hindu and Buddhism Interfaith Wedding

Presentation by Rebecca and Hannah

Film review: Our family wedding (2010)

Film review: Our family wedding (2010)

Review on Our family wedding (2010)


The movie Our family wedding directed by Rick Famuyiwa tells a story about a young couple who comes from two different backgrounds and at this time the couple is going to do a trip to meet both of their families and let them know that they have decided to get married.

The movie is full of comedy with the couple’s fathers trying to get a long with each other and the unexpected wedding announcement is not making it any easier. Obstacles and pressure also occurs when an interfaith wedding has to be organized in a short period of time and in a way that the end result would fit for both of their families.

The movie in general is a typical American comedy, but it also has good  aspect in interfaith marriages and relationships. It deals with challanges that might occur when two families from diverse backgrounds are trying to find the common goal.

The movie dialogue has both English and Spanish vocabulary in it due to the backgrounds of the families. The communication between the characters is realistic and  well organized.

I decided to give the movie two stars (out of five) based on the fact that the movie is entertaining yet quite typical comedy and not offering exciting plot twists and therefore it is very predictable. Nevertheless, it is easy to relate to the movie and to enjoy it as it is.

I would recommend the movie for anyone who enjoys comedies and does not expect thrilling plot twists but still enjoys real life related aspects in a movie.

Lead actors                        America Ferrera, Carlos Mencia & Forest Whitaker

Genre                                 Comedy

Written by Sade Lehtonen

Picture from Google Images