Wedding Theme: As sweet as candy!

Wedding Theme: As sweet as candy!

It’s time for summer! So why not embrace your sweet side? This theme is not for the candy shy but for the candy lovers at heart! It’s time to let your inner child shine, because love is vibrant and colorful! With these tips you can insure your special day full of color and fun with a side of corky!

The Venue:

The great thing about this theme is that it is so flexible and diverse. It is accomplishable in both indoor and outdoor venues. When using outdoor venues, use the natural beauty and color that surrounds you to maximize the impact. As for indoor venues take advantage of special effects like lighting and other visual effects!


Wedding Attire:

Have fun playing with color! For a unique touch why not have all your bridesmaids in different color dresses? Or for a more subtle pop of color try playing with the shoes!



Invitations and Decorations:


For the wedding invitations and stationary it should be complementary to the colors you are using. You can also have a lot of fun and be whimsical with the patterns and designs of them, since this is what this theme embodies!


To go along with the colorful candy theme you can use decorations such as: Paper lanterns, colorful candles and lots of great DIY projects to ensure a creative and unique touch for your special day!



Food and Beverages:


Candy, candy and more candy! One of your key visual areas of your wedding (besides the bride, of course) is the candy table! Depending on what colors you are trying to embrace, you can make an impact by filling different jars full of similar color candies of the same color. If you don’t have a specific color than go wild with all different colors, shapes and sizes. 



For the beverages use the color to your advantage! Use clear jars/glasses and pick your favorite lemonades or fizzy drinks.



Music and Entertainment:


For entertainment why not a piñata? This is a perfect way to keep to the candy theme and of course have a lot of fun in the process!

casamento vintage 17 casamento vintage 18


Of course music is a personal preference but here is some cute candy themed songs!


Christina Agularia – Candyman

Amanda Perez – Candy Kisses

Auqua – Candyman Mandy

Moore – Candy


Post by : Nicole Hiltunen ❤



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