Adventure themed wedding

Adventure themed wedding

This wedding is perfect for a genuinely adventurous couple, whether they are into hiking, camping, rock climbing or skiing. A well rounded adventurer will love the location and the outdoor setting of this wedding. After all Kitzbühel is a centre for all things sporty.

The wedding will be held in a church in the centre of town giving a traditional wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, guests will stroll through town to the gondola station and take the gondola up to the top of the mountain where the reception will be held in a mountain top chalet.


A view across Kitzbühel. Source:

Kitzbuhel summer wedding

Kitzbühel church wedding.  Source:

Summer is the perfect time for this type wedding. The weather is warm, flowers are in bloom across the mountain and the odds of a no rain are in your favour. This time of year you can actually enjoy the sunshine, sit on the terrace and wont have to constantly dodge skiers trying to show off!


Kitzbühel chalet.

'Just Married' Gondola Ride at Killington Resort

Gondola to the reception. Source

The theme and décor of this wedding will be rather relaxed, incorporating many natural and rustic elements, all coinciding with the adventure theme and personality of the couple. The save the date cards are one of the most important features that set the tone of the wedding and give guests an idea of what to expect. For this wedding the cards will not only have all of the important information but will also depict a mountain scene with the words “our adventure begins” therefore setting the scene for the wedding. The cards can be purchased here.


A great idea for a save the date card

Save the date cards. Source:

In order to direct guests from the chairlift to the reception chalet, signs with adventure quotes will be propped up on trees, enforcing that all important theme.


I knew when I saw you an adventure was going to happen- by GrabersGraphics


Perfect. In every way.


Once inside the chalet, the place settings will be in tune with the rustic theme with the possibility of using thin tree stumps for the place mats and mini stumps being used for the seating card holders.


Perfect if your seating is outdoors

Place setting. Source:

Mini tree stump seating card holders - great for a mountain wedding! Photo by Alison VagniniSeating card holders. Source: Alison Vagnini

On each table there will be a couple disposable cameras with a list of “I Spy” targets which must be photographed such as ‘the biggest smile’ and ‘cutest older couple’. Games such as hide and seek in the nearby area may also be suggested. This is a great way to not only get a view of the wedding from the guests perspective but to also keep (younger) guests entertained as weddings can be a rather long event for younger members.


I Spy cards, a great way to get a different view of the wedding!I Spy check list. Source:

The cake will be in keeping with the theme either by having a simple summer wedding cake placed on top of a tree stump matching the place mats or you could opt for a simple cake decorated with summer fruits and deer on the top, representing the couples love of nature and wildlife.


tree stump cake stand is adorable; with clusters of fresh flowers on the cake, photo by Wright Photographs

Cake suggestion. Source:

Cake suggestion. Source:

The drinks served at the reception will undoubtedly depend on the tastes of the couple and could range from champagne to cider. For this style of wedding you could definitely have a mix and serve both, switching to beer or DIY cocktails as the night progresses.


Cocktail wedding favour

DIY cocktails. Source

what to drink? beer of course!  Source-

Stiegl beer. Source:

If the mountain top you chose has a lake or you as a couple are into water sports, this boat cool box would look great! This could easily be paired with the option of using mini compasses as seating card holders doubling up as party favours.


If your getting married by a lake, this kind of needs to be there...

Rowing boat cool box. Source:

compass favor & seating card.

Seating card holders. Sourcee:

As this wedding is held outside in the summertime and is a more casual affair than typical weddings, I think that pink and navy would be a great combination for the bride and groom. Its classy and smart whilst also suiting the setting more than your typical black and white.

Pink and Navy. Great for an outdoor wedding

Groom’s Suit. Source:

A simple and casual dress

Brides dress. Source: Sherri Hill

For the music- band or DJ? Well that’s really up to the individual you. But if you did opt for a band, you could check out a local band and spend your night dancing away to typical Tyrolean music. The choice is yours!

Does this wedding sound appealing to you? If so head over to the Kitzbühel website to find out more about this enchanting town. If you do decide to go with Kitzbühel, here’s a link to a local wedding planner who could help you every step of the way, after all location weddings are a bit trickier.

If you would like any more inspiration on the topic of adventure themed weddings, check out this pinterest post!

Text by Jessica Harrington

Wedding Theme: Margaritaville

Wedding Theme: Margaritaville

Margaritaville Wedding Theme:

This particular wedding theme is ideal for a more relaxed couple who love to have fun on the beach and enjoy life. Due to the casual atmosphere of the reception and ceremony a strict couple looking for romance would not enjoy this theme. I would recommend this type of wedding for a young couple or even a couple getting married for the second time just looking for a fun weekend in paradise. Below I have included some recommendations for certain aspects of your perfect wedding.

Invitations: With the theme of the wedding being margaritaville which symbolises paradise, the perfect style for a wedding invitation would be a message in a bottle. This is because of the distinct relationship a message in a bottle has with beaches and paradise. The actual paper invitation could have the incorporation of margaritas and Jimmy Buffet.invitation With this style of invitation guest have the chance to receive an interesting invitation that they do not normally receive.



Location: The perfect location for a wedding in this theme would be Key West, Florida. The location specifically dedicated to the celebration of Jimmy Buffet and his popular song Margaritaville. Key West is home to many beautiful beaches that offer the perfect setting for a wedding. While the temperature can sometimes be very hot if you plan accordingly the guest will not even notice.

One thing to note would be the hurricane season, occurring between June to November. There are not hurricanes every month, most tend to occur between September and November. You can find more information about weather and safety     


Wedding Attire: For any beach wedding the perfect attire is loose-fitting and relaxed. Being in a hot location like Key West every member of the wedding party will want attire that does not make them over heat and sweat. For the bride I feel a good fit for a margaritaville wedding would be a simple yet elegant gown. The dress can have a little bling on it however the wedding theme dictates a relaxed atmosphere therefore too much bling would not match. A good idea for the bride would be a strapless wedding dress, this creates maximum comfort in regards to heat control. Being on the beach a long veil would be appropriate, especially given the sandy location of Key West, Florida. That is why I feel the best option would be a beautiful yet simple birdcage style veil. Given the time and creativity a bride could easily personalise and decorate the veil with beach inspired decorations. For a wedding on the beach I would recommend the bride wears her hair in an up-do. Simply because of the wind and heat typical to Key West, Florida. For the bride simple beach inspired jewellery will offer elegance to a relaxed wedding. While I would stay away from long huge pearls and diamonds little sea inspired earrings and necklaces would mesh with the wedding theme nicely. For both the bride and groom a cute way to personalise their wedding would be to create flip-flops with their names and wedding date on them. These would act as the shoes for the wedding. Being on a beach location flip-flops will offer the best option for footwear. The groom should be dressed in cotton, because it is a light weight fabric that still looks elegant. In regards to heat control he would be best to wear a shirt and a vest however I would recommend staying away from a jacket in order to reduce the chance of overheating. For the wedding party the bridesmaids would be best suited in short dresses that allow them comfort in the hot climate. While the groomsmen would wear an outfit similar to the groom. Lightweight fabric without a jacket. wedding attire

Food/Beverages: Jimmy Buffet makes it very clear in his hit song and inspiration for this wedding that one essential meal choice has to be shrimp. Being a more relaxed wedding reception the best option for meals would be to have a buffet rather than a formal three course meal. This will allow for the guest to grab however much and exactly what they want. Some good ideas for appetisers would be the inclusion of a salsa bar. This will encourage hungry guest to mingle and try different types of salsa. For the children at the wedding rather than giving them a slice of cake they could have sand pudding. Sand pudding is and edible type of pudding that can be played with and moulded. This could easily entertain the kids table for hours.

food final

Cake: For a wedding that is all about having fun and enjoying the beach the perfect cake should include all aspects of that. This cake offers a fun alternative to the typical wedding cake. It is fun and a little crazy but still professionally done and appealing to look at. One cute alternative to the traditional wedding topper would be two beach chairs, these match the wedding theme and are unique cake topper to keep and add as decoration to your future home.  cake final

Decorations: For a wedding in this style and nature the decorations need to be fun and exciting. It is important to make sure you get the guest involved and included in the decoration by having colourful and fun decorations. Being a beach style wedding there needs to be a lot of natural flowers and beach balls. One way to easily decorate the serving areas would be by adding a grass skirt this creates the illusion of beach time blues, while still abiding by the wedding theme. Of course there needs to tons of margarita glasses on every table. One way to brighten the decorations would be to use Florida’s natural flowers, these will provide elegance during the ceremony.  decorations final

 Transportation: With this being a beach wedding the best option would be to have a beach buggy. With these you can easily travel from one location to another. Because so many resorts have this style of transportation there is the potential of renting one from the resort. If possible you could decorate it depending on if it is the bride or grooms mode of transportation. However for those bride and grooms who leave on their honeymoon they have the option to rent a nicer car such as a typical beach car. This would be the perfect ending to your wedding reception. Being a classic car that used to populate the beach on the weekends it will blend well with your wedding theme.




Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet

This song represents the meaning of relaxing on the beach. As the main influence in this wedding theme the song needs to have a strong presence during thejimmy reception. In America this song is quite widely known, ages from 10-70 known and enjoy this song. The song creates a relaxed atmosphere which could be very useful in a wedding scenario.




Gifts for wedding party: For those closest to the bride and groom a good gift would be a personalised margarita glass. This could include the friend’s name their position in the wedding party and the date, location, and name of the wedding ceremony. This gift would be the bride and groom thanking their friends for being there and helping them through this stressful process of planning a wedding. For brides on a budget these types of gifts tend to be on the less expensive side and allow you to add a personal thank you.  gift

Other:  One aspect of a wedding that will really get your guest involved would include a photo area. This area could include a huge sign depicting the location of the wedding, in this case a Key West, Florida sign would be the best. This gets your guest involved and allows them to remember the wedding with their own personal photos.

If you are planning this as a destination wedding one thing to keep in mind would be a day tour of Key West including points like the Margaritaville Bar. This will provide out-of-town guest with entertainment and a history of Key West.

wedding photo


Follow Katherine’s board Wedding Theme: Margaritaville on Pinterest.

Text by Kat Cloud

Roman Times -inspired Wedding

Roman Times -inspired Wedding

   goblet groom The Roman times were a significant historic time period. This is also a theme that is commonly used for toga parties. Why not use this theme for a wedding?temple

                                  For the venue we chose a roman temple, which were made out of stone. The roman temple alone describes the time period very well. The venue would be decorated with gold objects such as vases and gold platters with fruits.

Wedding Attire :                    The bride would be wearing a white goddess dress and in her hair she would have gold jewellery and she would also have gold bracelets for accessories. The groom would have a toga that would be red either velour or cotton.


Food & Beverages               The romans didn’t have kitchens so it would only be logical to have whole animal rotating over the fire. The romans usually ate grilled meat and meat that was seasoned with lots of herbs. In the Roman times there was no knowledge of dessert so they mainly had fruits. Fruits would be the main dessert. As for beverages there would be wine and beer served as in the Roman times where they went to taverns and pubs to drink beer and wine to celebrate.


Wedding Cake                      If there had to be a cake we would suggest a “cake” that would be fruit piled and shaped in a form of a temple.

Floral Décor                          Floral décor would mainly consist of vines and grapes. Very minimalistic décor.

Music & Entertainment      Entertainment will be a roman inspired band with flutes and other instruments such as wooden instruments.

Transportation                     The romans travelled a lot on horseback so the transportation would be best on horseback.


For more photos, visit:

Wedding Planning and Management, HAAGA-HELIA, Porvoo, Sylvia Saraste & Saara Peltomäki

A Tarzan and Jane -inspired wedding

A Tarzan and Jane -inspired wedding

We were inspired by the movie Tarzan, which is also a love story. It is also quite easy to build a beautiful wedding around this theme. The main elements that help create this theme are exotic plants and flowers, tropical heat and a foreign destination.



     The destination should be in relation with the theme. We thought it had to be something warm and exotic. The destination we chose was  Hawaii. This wedding is an outside wedding. The actual ceremony would ideally be held at the beach and the reception in a tent that is in the proximity of the beach and the jungle.

venue-2floral decor

Wedding Attire            

  The bride is wearing a long, white cotton dress. It still holds the elements of elegancy and the traditional image of the bride but it is still relaxed as is the atmosphere of the wedding. The bride will wear her hair open and curled, with wild flower decorations in her hair. The groom will be wearing a beige linen suit, with a thin white collar shirt. The groom will also wear a corsage made out of the same flowers as the bride’s hair decorations. With these materials, the couple won’t be disturbed by the heat.


Food & Beverages      

The welcome drink will be a Peach Bellini. At the reception, the beverages offered will be jungle themed blended drinks, made out of fresh fruits and rum, for example Pina Colada, Mohito etc. The food will be a buffet styled table, focusing on cold and fresh dishes, such as salads, fruits and smoked fish. There will also be barbeque food, such as chicken and seafood.


Wedding Cake                  

 The cake will be in the shape of a pineapple. Its main ingredients are rum, cream and pineapple. On top of the cake, the traditional wedding couple figure will be replaced with a figure of Tarzan and Jane.exoticfruits


 The bride’s bouquet will be made out of exotic wild flowers, such as orchids and green leaves. At the altar there will be a floral arch with mainly green leaves and some coloured flowers. There will also be a couple lianas hanging from the arch. The guests’  will be seated in white wooden chairs with floral decorations in the last chairs of the rows. These floral decorations will also mainly focus on orchids. The centre pieces at the reception will be see-through bowls with orchid flowers floating on water.bride floralfloral2floral1recp.floral

centerpiece floral

Music & Entertainment     

The music will focus on Hawaiian music, with instruments such as ukulele, djembe drums, maracas etc. There will be a special performance from a Hawaiian tribe. The song for the first dance of the couple will be Phil Collins – You’ll be in my heart.

 The couple will leave the ceremony with an elephant into the sunset.


For more photos, visit:

Wedding Planning and Management, HAAGA-HELIA, Porvoo, Sylvia Saraste& Saara Peltomäki

Fifties Wedding

Fifties Wedding


The reception will take place outside. It could be in Porvoo and the surroundings will look like a car movie scenery on an open field. There will be red, black and white ribbons and different-colored flowers.


Also, the chairs of the dining tables could be bar stools like they had them in the early 50’s.  There will be a tent to protect the guest from the wheather conditions. Old 50s style cars will create a vintage atmosphere for the venue. The decoration could be red, black and white: Vinyls, old cars and dice.

Drive-in theatre setting


The bride will arrive on a Vespa, an old scooter, which was very trendy in the 50s. The couple will leave, after the ceremony with a red chevy chevrolet, a typical 50s car.

Wedding car


The wedding dress will be ivory, classic with lace and a petty coat. The bride will wear matching white shoes, or possibly leather shows to match the style. The hair and make up will be inspired by the 50s-look with big waves and strong red lipstick. The groom will wear a black suit with a white shirt, braces and also a grey gilet underneath.

Dress and red lipstick Wedding dress with petty coat


Lunch could be a picnic buffet. It will contain Hawaii Toasts and decorated finger food, which was typical for that time as a party snack. Guests will be seated on blankets and pillows on the grass the blankets will have an isolation against the cold and wet grass.

Open Air Movie Setting

Throughout the day, extravagantly-designed cupcakes will be available for the wedding guests. The dinner will be a seated dinner with different meal options. There will also be punch and white wine. Retro cocktails will serve as a colorful eyecatcher. Additionally, there will be a three-layered red, black and white wedding cake.

Classy Cocktails & Wedding Cake Fancy Food


The waiters could wear matching attire and roller skates to top off the assesories for the theme. A live-band will play 1950s songs. These will contain artists such as Elvis Presley, Luis Amstrong, Edit Piaf, Eddy Barclay, Chuck Berry.

Text by Deborah Kutsch & Marion Dechavanne

The Native American Wedding

The Native American Wedding


Wedding takes place in Forest Grove, Washington County in United States. Both the ceremony and reception are outside in Forest Grove -hill in garden. Native American wedding will be in summer.

country side wedding reception

Wedding attire

The bride is wearing a traditional Native American dress. The dress is natural white and it has a brown belt on the waist. The bride has brown sandals with feathers on them. Bride’s hair is curly and she has a brown hairband. She is wearing a lot of colourful jewellery and a bright red lipstick. Groom’s outfit is also traditional Native American. He is wearing a brown shirt, pants and boots.

wedding dress groom's clothes Bride's shoes hairdo


There is one big grill in wedding and many things to grill. There are lots of fruits, vegetables and meat.


Beverage and wedding cake

There is a winery and wine tasting in Forest Grove so beverages are white and red wine and a toast to start with. Wedding cake is natural white with red and black decorations.

wedding cake

Floral décor

Flowers in the wedding are all kinds of wild flowers. There are also long feathers as a decoration.

flower decoration

Music and entertainment

One of the couple’s friend plays acoustic guitar while the bride walks down the aisle and also in the wedding reception as a background music. There are few dancers dancing a “tribe dance” in the wedding reception. Wine tasting is also part of the program in reception.

wine tasting


Guests take care of their own transportation to the wedding venue in Forest Grove. Wedding ceremony and reception are both in the same place, so the couple and guest don’t have to move anywhere after the ceremony.

Text by Heli Salmi


Hawaiian Wedding

Hawaiian Wedding


Vanajanlinna, Harviala

Wedding ceremony will be held outside by the lake. Seats for the guests will be brought outside and the aisle will lead to the altar. The dinner will be held in Juhlapaviljoni, The Festive Pavilion.

Wedding attire

The bride will have a simple “flowy” white dress without too many details. The groom will wear a cream colour suit.

Food & Beverage

There will catering to take care of everything. The dinner will be a barbeque with exotic fruits and drinks. Drinks will be mainly made from pineapple and coconuts. It will be an open bar for the guests. The wedding cake will be a traditional white layer-cake with Hawaiian flower.

wedding cake


Lots of Hawaiian flowers in different colours will be used in the venue and in the altar. There will also be peddles of flowers on the aisle. Palm leaves will also be used to bring out Hawaiian look.

wedding decor  wedding decor

Music and entertainment

When the guests arrive, they will be greeted with leis as welcoming gesture. There will be dancers performing the traditional Hawaiian dance called Hula Hula and Hawaiian music will be played in the background.

Hula Hula dancers


The guests will take care of their own transportation to Vanajanlinna. During the wedding there is no transportation needed from the ceremony to the reception.

And more…

Gifts for the guests will be cookies wrapped in palm leaves by the Honolulu cookie company.  After the wedding the guests will stay in a hotel in the venue. There will be a wedding brunch the next morning.  The waiters will be wearing Hawaiian shirts.

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By: Sara Hämäläinen, Irina Kononenko, Anna Kuusela