Engagement Proposal: Candlelight Dinner on Bali Beach

Engagement Proposal: Candlelight Dinner on Bali Beach


During my research about different marriage proposals, I have fallen immediately in lovely with the idea of an engagement proposal on the beach. Because I am a big fan of Bali and it`s location in the Indian ocean, I have combined these both things with each other and have created an unforgettable marriage proposal.

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Who? (with who?)

The guy named Alexander (aged 28) is German and the girl named Yumi (aged 26) is Balinese.

Alex works in a successful event design company in Hamburg, Germany. According to his passed bachelor degree in tourism & event management he has travelled through Asia during several months. His favourite spot was the island Bali (Indonesia). Thus he has spent the last weeks up to his home flight there.


Yumi has balinese roots and has lived up to her 8th year together with her family on Bali. Today Yumi lives in the capital of Germany, Berlin, and has successfully concluded her study in an graphic & design university. On account of her wanderlust Yumi tries to fly at least once a year to Indonesia to see her family & relatives.

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4 years ago Alex and Yumi were apart of each other on vacation on Bali. On their return flight to Germany both sat side by side in the airplane. Like the destiny so wanted the both have got into conversation and were likeable to themselves from the outset. Experiences have been exchanged, the boy and the girl joked a lot and exchanged after the 12-hour flight, finally, also the mobile phone numbers. After several dates they fell in love and spent their vacations on Bali – also this year.


After a 4-year relationship Alex would like to make a marriage proposal to Yumi.


Alex and Yumi are on their second common vacation on Bali, the island which has brought them together.


Bali owns some of the nicest beaches worldwide. Where, if not there? With a surprise dinner with candlelight the big moment has come.


Alex and Yumi are for several years firmly together and still in love thus like on the first day. Alex knows that his respect with Yumi cannot be nicer and he would like to spend the rest of his life with her side by side. He knows how much Yumi loves her family and her native country, so he has decided to propose marriage to her – after preserved blessing of her father here on Bali.


After a romantic dinner on a lonesome beach the both decide on a relaxed walk along the beach. By candles distributed everywhere on the beach the atmosphere is magic. After a few minutes the both come to a way lined up from candles which leads up on a rock. On top Yumi recognizes a heart laid from shells with a ring being arranged in the sand. At the same moment Alex gets on his knees and asks Yumi whether she would like to become his wife.

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After the expected „YES!“ both let the evening end – happy under the stars.

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Key Elements

The key elements can be found in the sea of candles and the togetherness on the beach. Because the island has a symbolic value of the couple, is reflected here the uniqueness and memorability of the idea.

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Text by Jennifer Steinweg


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