A Red Wedding

A Red Wedding

For our colour theme we have chosen the colour red. We chose this colour because it is the colour of romance and love. It is also the colour that it typically used for Valentine’s day. It is also a very elegant and classy colour, and with it we can create beautiful decorations for the wedding.


The venue that we have chosen is a church in Turku, Finland called Mikaelin Kirkko. The church has a touch of red in its colour, and therefore it is suitable for our colour theme. The church also has a very beautiful surrounding, with a large grass field surrounding each side of the church. Each summer the church is also surrounded with flower beds and as this wedding is during the summer we could make a request to the church that the flowers outside would focus on red.

Wedding Attire

We decided that our bride would wear a red dress. Red wedding dresses were quite common before the traditional white dress and therefore a red dress would not be completely unordinary. So that the couple wouldn’t look too red we decided that the groom would wear a black suit with a white shirt and a red tie. He would also wear a red corsage.

Red wedding dress

Food & Beverages

The champagne would be a basic champagne. However inside the glass there would be a strawberry, which would hint back to the colour theme. The dishes where the food would be served would be see-through coloured, but each dish would be decorated with red decorations, for example red fruits and berries. Also rose petals can be used for the decorations of the plates. Red napkins are also used. The punch that is served is also red.

staweberry & champagne

Wedding Cake 

We decided that a completely red cake would be too alarming, so the cake will be a traditional white cake with rose decorations on the side. Also, the inside of the cake will be red.

wedding cake

Floral Décor

The flowers’ main colour will of course also be red. The 3 most important flowers in a wedding are the bridal bouquet, the centre pieces at the reception and the church flowers. The bouquet will have a mix of white and red calla lilies and roses. The bouquet is not completely red, because the brides dress is red. Therefore a bouquet with a mix of red and white is more suitable. The altar flowers for the church are simple and small, so that the colour wouldn’t be too overwhelming. Simple rose bouquets at the end of each bench row are chosen. The flower girl will throw red rose petals. In addition, instead of rice, red rose petals are thrown at the couple once they exit the church. The centre pieces are different for the bridal party’s table and the other tables.

red bridal bouquet

Music and Entertainment

There will be a live band performing at the reception. The band will also be dressed partially in red. The vocalist (a woman) will be wearing a red dress. The rest of the band members are men and they will be all wearing black pants, black suit, a white shirt, a red vest and a red bowtie. The lighting on the dance floor will also be dimmed red. In addition the stage and dancefloor will be decorated in red.


For the transportation we chose a red Beadle. The car will be decorated with white ribbons.

Text by Saara Peltomäki & Sylvia Saraste

For more photos go to: http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-red-saara-sylvia/


3 thoughts on “A Red Wedding

  1. I really like the idea to have such a colourful wedding. Gorgeous!
    Red is a very popular colour for weddings in many countries (e.g. India), I am sure it fits also very well into Finland.

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