Black and Gold wedding theme

Black and Gold wedding theme

Luxurious and elegant wedding

We all want to create something new by being inspired of some certain elements in our lives. For me the inspiration to this theme came from the love to my favorite team: Boston Bruins. The black and gold has been their colors since they started in 1920’s.

When I started to study more about the color combination of black and gold, I saw how perfectly they fit together to create a luxurious feeling.

In general, black and gold make you feel wealthy and when it comes to wedding, we all want to feel like being royalty for that one special day.

Wedding attire

Wedding Dress: Long black and gold silk dress

Black and Gold Wedding Dress

Black and Gold Wedding Dress

Wedding suit for the broom: Black suit, golden vest and tie and white long sleeve shirt

Black and Gold suit

Wedding Suit

The Wedding Ring: Black and gold ring with red stones

black and gold ring

The Wedding Ring

The Venue

When choosing a venue for the black and gold wedding,bthe main point is to be able to create black and gold effects. A good example where you can arrange black and gold weddings is the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fountains in front of the Hotel with the lights, will create a black and gold effect during the beautiful evening.

Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV

Bellagio, Las Vegas

As wedding decorations you can use golden candles, black chair covers with golden ribbons, white flowers in black and gold vases and some lighting to create a night sky look.

black and gold chair covers

 Black and Gold chair covers  

Black and gold decoration

Black and Gold table decoration

 Black and gold wedding lights

Black and Gold night sky lighting

Catering and Music

The catering in weddings usually a buffet, which leave the couple a great choice of what they want to offer for the guests. The main reason for buffet is also the possibilities of guests having different allergies and food orientation.

wedding buffet

The buffet table

black and gold wedding cake

The Wedding cake

As original wedding dance is the classical wedding waltz, played by a local band with classical instruments. These instruments are usually black and gold colored.

Text by Joni Holmberg

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