The Native American Wedding

The Native American Wedding


Wedding takes place in Forest Grove, Washington County in United States. Both the ceremony and reception are outside in Forest Grove -hill in garden. Native American wedding will be in summer.

country side wedding reception

Wedding attire

The bride is wearing a traditional Native American dress. The dress is natural white and it has a brown belt on the waist. The bride has brown sandals with feathers on them. Bride’s hair is curly and she has a brown hairband. She is wearing a lot of colourful jewellery and a bright red lipstick. Groom’s outfit is also traditional Native American. He is wearing a brown shirt, pants and boots.

wedding dress groom's clothes Bride's shoes hairdo


There is one big grill in wedding and many things to grill. There are lots of fruits, vegetables and meat.


Beverage and wedding cake

There is a winery and wine tasting in Forest Grove so beverages are white and red wine and a toast to start with. Wedding cake is natural white with red and black decorations.

wedding cake

Floral décor

Flowers in the wedding are all kinds of wild flowers. There are also long feathers as a decoration.

flower decoration

Music and entertainment

One of the couple’s friend plays acoustic guitar while the bride walks down the aisle and also in the wedding reception as a background music. There are few dancers dancing a “tribe dance” in the wedding reception. Wine tasting is also part of the program in reception.

wine tasting


Guests take care of their own transportation to the wedding venue in Forest Grove. Wedding ceremony and reception are both in the same place, so the couple and guest don’t have to move anywhere after the ceremony.

Text by Heli Salmi



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