Wedding Theme: Pastel Green and Yellow

Wedding Theme: Pastel Green and Yellow

If you love green and yellow colours, like I do, this theme is for you!

Perfect time of the year to hold this kind of wedding is in summer when everything is green and yellow sun is shining.

The Venue

You can have your wedding anywhere you like. I have chosen St. John’s Church in Helsinki. It has great location surrounded by park and beautiful houses. To make the inside of the church to match the theme, put flowers to the seats next to the aisle and you have a beautiful and welcoming walk down the aisle.

    johanneksen kirkko-001  Logen seuraintalo Espoossa  johanneksen kirkko sisältäpäin

Wedding reception could take place in Lodgen Seuraintalo in Espoo, 20 minutes’ drive from the church.  There you can decorate  how you want and bring your own food and  beverages.

The Decoration

The decoration is, of course, based on green and yellow and also white is one of the main colours. Flowers are the main thing in the decoration.

mr mrs                                sisustus

Every wedding has to have some beautiful small details that makes it special. For example you can have small place cards made of old paper and write guests’s names in old-style-writing. If you want to capture the special moments you can ask guests to write their wishes on chalkboard with pastel chalks.

paikkakortit                       pastelliliidut

The Food and Beverages

The food can be anything you like because the theme colours are not easy to match with any salty food. But all sweets you can decorate with green and yellow.

e1233e06742907a477aa4538a2b9360c   kakku   kakku1

For drinks you can have, for example, lemonade and mojito which are refreshing and at the same time the right colours.

lemonade                             mojito

The Wedding Attire

The bride is wearing a beautiful white lace wedding dress. The back of the dress could be like in the picture below or fully open up to the waist. The bride has a beautiful bouquet with yellow and white flowers and something green. The bride is wearing pastel green high heels. The groom has a black suit with green tie or if the main colour is yellow he would wear yellow tie.

dress the couple flowers green tie

Bride’s hair is on a loose bun and there are small beautiful hair decors. Nails are beautifully decorated, the necklace resembles flowers and the earrings have different shades of green.  Bridesmaids could wear yellow or green dresses depending on what is the main colour.

yellow dresses    hair     green dresses

nails kaulakoru  korvakorut shoes


The married couple could transfer from church to the wedding reception with this cute old yellow car. After the party they can drive away and live happily ever after.

just married


Text by: Riina Saijonkivi




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