Wedding Theme : Barns

Wedding Theme : Barns

I always liked small weddings, not very fancy (but still classy) and I like when it is natural and simple. So I came up easily with a barn wedding concept. It has to be kind of rustic but keeping in mind that it is an actual wedding so it has to be magical, beautiful. What I like about wedding in barns is that is very intimism, personalize, warm and it says something about the couple, it reflects who they are and what the like. Here you can find some ideas and inspiration about barns weddings.

The venue

The ideal venue will be a barn who has been restored and who is now dedicated to events like weddings.


The venue I found perfect for this theme is Santa Lucia Preserve in California, Carmel. The place is just gorgeous, surrounded by giant trees and if offers a lot of possible decoration. It perfectly feet with my barns wedding theme and it is not too rustic, it is the perfect balance between nature and chic.


The ceremony can also be planned in the same place, and it is just beautiful and magic, right in the forest for one of the important moments of the day.



In my opinion the invitations has to reflect the wedding theme: the colour, the typeface, the style has to link with the barn wedding. I suggest brown ton with some touch of colour to make the invitation colourful.



Flowers and decoration

For the flower I think that it is a good idea if they look like they just been collected from a forest. They have to symbolize the nature and concord with the barn who has been chosen. I would recommend some very simple with flower with colourful flowers.




For the decoration I think the best is to insist on the lights to give a very romantic and magical atmosphere. I think there is no debate a barn isn’t the most beautiful place it have a wedding but once it is arranged I think that miracle can be made and this why decoration is very important.

Larissa Cleveland Photography

There is some good ideas :


Wedding attire

For the groom I will not recommend jean as I saw on Internet. The groom should be not wearing a black and white suits but more simple and discrete colour with one or two flower on his vest. Grey or beige are colour to be considered.


About the bride I will recommend a very simple dress, a little tight with some lace. Lace is always very chic and classy and it does a lot in a wedding dress more than a filmy dress.


Food, Beverage & Wedding Cake

For the beverage obviously champagne and white wine to give to the atmosphere something fancy. But for the food I would pick some basic ingredient such as chicken and French fries to keep in mind the wedding theme but cook it in a way that it something gastronomic and fancy.



To stay in the barn theme I would also propose some lemonade and fresh juice. And a few beers but keeping in mind that it’s a wedding and it has to be classy.


The wedding cake would be simple but beautiful and with a lot of sugar.


Music & Entertainment

If the couple can have a country music band it would be the best during the diner or between the diner and the ‘party time’. It would really fit with the entire atmosphere.


This is a few suggestions for the music during the wedding:

  • The Lumineers – Hey Ho
  • Jack Johnson – Better Together
  • Of Monster & Men – Little Talks
  • Kings of Leon – Use Somebody
  • Goethe – Somebody I Used To Know
  • Paolo Nutini – Jenny Don’t Be Hasty
  • Blondie – Heart of Glasses
  • The Stereophonics –
  • Neon Trees – Everybody Talks
  • Beyonce – Halo
  • Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
  • Maroon 5 – Sugar

I will also recommend a photo booth, generally people are happy to bring some memories pictures from a wedding day.

Photobooth by: Ben Pancoast Photography



Depends on the couple it can be an old car, horses or a tractor.


Text by Constance Hamard


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