Wedding Theme: Doctor Who

Wedding Theme: Doctor Who

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Then this is the wedding for you! This wedding theme is inspired by famous British TV show Doctor Who. It is also versatile theme. If you just want white and blue wedding you can pass all the Doctor Who things.

This wedding will not be boring!



Invitations are a nice way to introduce your guest to your theme. A blue, folded Tardis invitation would be a great way to start your theme!

Doctor Who Inspired Wedding Invitations, Blue Police Box Invites for Geek Weddings


Venue and decorations

There is no ideal venue, you can have the wedding anywhere! Best option would be outside, probably nearby a forest or just in the backyard of some historic looking building.

wedding in a castle

The venue would be decorated with blue and white colours. The table cloths would be blue to make it look a bit different than normal decorations with white cloths. Table pieces would also be matching the colour theme. The venue can be decorated with vintage looking signs with something Doctor Who related.

Winter White and Blue Wedding by Premieredoctor who wedding sign decor


Wedding attire


The dress for the bride would be white, with a blue ribbon or some other accessorises that would match the theme. Blue shoes (maybe with a Dalek print on the shoe sole) are also a good option! There is your something blue sorted!

white and blue wedding dressesDoctor Who Dalek Wedding Heels by Miss Fiendish. I love these as "something blue"! I could match them to the ribbon on my dress!

Also blue flowers for the bouquet, matching for the flowers used in the decorations.

white and blue wedding flowers on bouquets were made of beautiful white roses, white freesias, white ...


Light coloured attire for the groom is a must! A vest, but no jacket, and a blue tie (Doctor Who themed) or just a blue bow tie (because bow ties are cool). Doctor Who cufflinks are easy to make by yourself if needed. Blue flower matching the bouquet or a napkin in the breast pocket would tie the attire together.

Photography by Leo Patrone Photography /, Floral Design by Honey of a Thousand Flowers / sarahwinward.comTimeless Wedding Necktie Set 5 Doctor Who TARDIS by binarywinter. For our Dr. Who themed wedding someday. Definitely goofy while still looking nice.Doctor Who Cufflink DON T BLINK Tardis Dalek by AlexaLane on Etsy

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Bridesmaids’ dresses are not to be too flamboyant. Just dark blue coloured matching basic dresses. Same goes for the groomsmen. Their attire would follow the theme of the groom’s attire. Maybe some fun little details to both groups outfits.

Bridesmaid dressesGroomsmen // Wedding Photos // Boutonniere // Santa Rosa Beach Wedding // Bentley's on the Bay // Destination Wedding // Kate's Captures Photography


Food & beverage + The Wedding Cake

You don’t have to serve fish fingers and custard to make your food match the Doctor Who theme! With this theme you can serve anything you like with no worries.

The wedding cake can be decorated with the theme. White is the regular colour of the wedding cake but you can spice it up with again some blue or a print that is Doctor Who related.

DOCTOR WHO WEDDING CAKE!!!!! Again, elegant without being kitschy. Maybe we could put the last name at the top and our names at the bottom in Galifreyan.


Music and entertainment

The entertainment can include anything you like. A fun thing would be arriving to the venue (or leaving it) from a Tardis with the sound of it blasting through speakers. That would make your entrance memorable and really fun!

Or just put a Tardis outside your venue. There you can take memorable wedding pictures of you and your guests!

( Tardis sound: )

TARDIS photobooth. Photography: Morning Light by Michelle Landreau.  Read more -


Because you can’t find a real Tardis -at least it won’t be easy- you can make your car look like one! A blue car that has a few recognizable Tardis features is a great way to combine also the transportation to the theme.

i woke up today to the words "Jessiemarie8, the tardis is outside" its also my cakeday. - Imgur


Written by: Henni Peltonen


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