Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding


This wedding is held in Pyhätunturi. The ceremony is in Revontulikappeli which has a very cosy atmosphere and it’s made of wood. The reception will be in a nearby hotel.

Winter wedding venue

Wedding attire

The wedding dress is very classical white and mermaid shaped. Since it is winter, the bride will have a fur on top of the dress when moving from place to place. The groom is wearing a black tuxedo and little light blue handkerchief in his pocket.dress11

Food & Beverage

Food will be traditional Finnish food. The guests will have three options to choose from; reindeer meat with mashed potatoes, Smoked salmon with vegetables or a vegetarian meal. There will also be a salad buffet with many different salads. The dessert is a white layer cake with light blue snow flake decorations. There will also be pies and cookies. Coffee and tea are also served. The drinks are made by a bartender who is there for the whole night.


Winter theme is often very classical and the colours are not so bright. This kind of wedding has lot of elements from the winter such as crystal that represents glass.

Flowers are mainly white or light blue.  There are centrepieces on every table and they are decorated with crystal. Flowers are the main decoration in the reception hall.

Music and entertainment

There is a DJ playing classical music during the dinner. After the dinner, there will be dance music.  There will also be the traditional “Stealing the bride”-game. Bride will be stolen by the friends of the groom. To get her bride back, the groom has to perform or deliver tasks that are given to him.


Transportation from the church to the reception is organized by horse-drawn sleigh.

horse ride

And more…

The guests will all stay at Pyhätunturi for couple of days to enjoy the Pyhätunturi area and the skiing slopes.

Text by Sara Hämäläinen, Irina Kononenko, Anna Kuusela

More pictures


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