Wedding Theme: Under the Stars

Wedding Theme: Under the Stars

What would be more romantic than getting married under the stars?


The invitation tells guests something about the theme of the wedding. It could look romantic and include starry night sky with flowers and trees.



The ceremony would be held in a planetarium. It is possible to bring chairs there and create an aisle to walk to “the altar”. Besides some flowers, this venue doesn’t need other decorations because it is stunningly beautiful. One option for planetarium is The Franklin Institute which is located in Philadelphia. (Any other planetarium would suit well, too.)

After this is the reception. It would be held in a building with glass roof. Another really good alternative is to have a tent outside. Then the reception could be almost anywhere if there is enough space for it.


Flowers and decoration

Mostly used colors are white, gold, silver and different shades of blue. Tables are decorated with flowers and candles. To create a feeling of night sky, there would be lights and stars on the ceiling.


Wedding attire

Bride’s dress is white, heart shaped and has decorations on the waist. It is made from chiffon so it is lightweight and moves easily. She also has jewelry accessories.

bride dress hair1 hair2

Groom and his best men have blue suits with bow ties. Bridesmaids’ dresses should fit to the theme as well. They could have dark blue dresses with small silver decorations.

groombridesmaid dress

Food, beverages and the cake

You can serve for example a 3-course meal with any food you like. Beverages could be served from glasses which are designed with stars. The wedding cake is blue and it has silver star decorations. Other perfect desserts are cupcakes and cookies.



There would be a band playing or a DJ with playlist so everyone can have fun on the dance floor.

Playlist examples:

One Republic – Counting Stars

Taylor Swift – Starlight

Owl City – Shooting Star

Muse – Starlight

Tinie Tempah – Written in the Stars


When the sun has gone down, it is time to go outside. Give every guest their own sky lantern (made from rice paper or bamboo) and light them up. When they rise, the night sky will be full of beauty and shine! This tradition is originally from Asia and it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Other fun idea is to have sparklers!


Wedding photo

Do you want to try something special for your wedding photo? If at least either one of you is handy, you can try to build a cute frame like this by yourselves.

wedding photo


Written by: Satu Karvola



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