My Favourite Wedding Blog -Artfully Wed

My Favourite Wedding Blog -Artfully Wed

Artfully Wed began back in 2010 as Borrowed and Bleu with the aim to inspire creativity and individual artistic moments amongst the journey towards your ‘perfect’ wedding.

The blog allows brides and grooms (yes that right ladies, grooms can and do often wish to have an input into their own wedding too) to view many sectors in accordance with creating their ‘perfect’ wedding.

The toolbar along the top enables readers to create their own virtual experience on the blog. It allows readers to view and browse examples of other couples engagements, weddings and photo shoots, whereby  the reader can gain motivation and inspiration for their perfect wedding.


Artfully Wed hyperlink their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest accounts, this enables readers who have taken an interest into the blog and enjoy the bloggers content to continue to receive inspiration through various social media sites.×390.jpg

Suggested venues,  the venues suitability can be perfectly incorporated with the readers potential/chosen theme. The venues are only suitable with readers from or who are wishing to have their wedding in North or South America.

Tips and advice are a brides new ‘best friend.’ It is a given that brides will stress over their weddings and the smallest details which must be considered, to ensure that the wedding is ‘perfect’ for the bride. Many have advised that the smallest and most personalised details are the aspects of your wedding that your attendees will remember. A very popular post within the tips and advice section of Borrowed and Blue  is, DIY Bridal Emergency Kits.

This blog post advises that a DIY Bridal Emergency Kit must include:

1. Safety pins
2. Bobby pins
3. Band aids
4. A spool of neutral color ribbon – white, ivory, black, brown
5. Straight pins
6. Deodorant
7. Scissors
8. Basic medications – pain reliever and antacid
9. Sewing kit
10. Stain remover pen or wipes

Artfully Wed emotionally connect with the bride and grooms, therefore they successfully provide and specialise in posting creative and unique blog posts that highlight to the bride and groom essential and inspiring factors. Alongside this they post many photos allowing the bride and groom to visualise the theme and potential elements to implement into their ‘perfect’ wedding.

What would you want to see from a wedding blog? What kind of advice and inspiration do you want view?

Artfully Wed

Text by Rebecca

Orchidea: Weddings without the stress!

Orchidea: Weddings without the stress!

Do you fancy a wedding that’s elegant, beautiful and hilarious fun? If so, you’ve come to the right place! With Orchidea’s wedding services you can enjoy just that!

Orchidea plans executes, styles and decorates weddings and parties with personal style.


Source: Orchidea
Source: Orchidea

Orchidea is a wedding planning company based in Helsinki offering “an unforgettable day of celebration”. Whether you want a small and intimate affair or a large and traditional wedding, Orchidea can make that happen and transform your every wish. We love her attention to detail! With magical touches seeming to be her speciality, no item is unable to be transformed!


PicMonkey Collage3

But don’t worry, their skills aren’t limited to weddings! They also arrange other wonderful events such as parties, corporate events, baby showers and children’s birthday parties.

Source: Orchidea Kids
Source: Orchidea Kids

To find out more about the wonderful services offered, you can find the website and blog here!

Let’s make dreams come true!

Text by Jessica Harrington

Sound of strings

Sound of strings

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 17.34.35

Triolins are a music trio from Helsinki who formed themselves after studying at Sibelius Academy. Triolins, also know individually as Camilla, Emmi and Sanna, state that they incorporate ‘open-minded attitudes of music, regardless of genre, and fire to create music that moves.’ The trio combines beautiful harmonies with violins and piano to create a fantastic and engagingly elegant sound, perfect for creating a truly and beautifully romantic atmosphere at your wedding!

Triolins 3

Check out Triolins out and be sure to follow them on their social media.

Triolins Links:





You can also contact Triolins at:

We are so excited and privileged to have partnered with them for our Wedding Fair in Helsinki on 15th May! Why not come along and see them perform live during the event?

WeDo! Wedding Fair 2015. Together We Are One!


Text by Rebecca

I Love Farm Weddings

I Love Farm Weddings

When I thought about my favorite Wedding Blog out of the best Blogs of 2014, the first thing that came to mind were all those beautiful pictures of happy couples in nature. And then it was very clear to me that my absolute favorite wedding blog isI Love Farm Weddings.


As I mentioned before the pictures on this blog are really awesome and beautiful, that I really want to have those weddings, which are shown on the pictures for my own wedding in the future.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” – Nora Ephron, When Harry Met Sally

This quote sums up perfectly what I was thinking when I looked through the beautiful pictures.


But it is not just the pictures what I like on this Blog. First of all I love the clear structure and the design of it. It is nearly all in white and grey, so that the focus is automatically on the pictures. On the top of the Blog is the main menu with four categories, which are Submit/Advertise, Info, Contact, and Categories. In the middle of these four categories is the logo of the Blog and by clicking on this logo you come back to the start website of the blog. So it is very easy to use.

On the left side are direct links to their social media sides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also Pinterest. This makes it easy to follow them and get the latest news very quickly about the blog.

Under the section Categories you find barns, colour inspiration, engagements, everyday farm life and a lot of other categories. My favourite category is the colour inspiration rubric. I just love when events and especially weddings have a colour theme, which is personally connected to the marrying couple. So you can find there everything that your heart belongs to. From black to white, from pink to green. Really everything! I just love scrolling down this category looking at the pictures with little accessories that can be connected with a similar colour. So if you are into colour inspirations as I am, I can definitely suggest this blog.


But this Blog is more than just their beautiful pictures and their good inspirations. The texts are really nice and easy to read. If I had a stressful day, I just have a seat and read some of their posts. I have to admit that I am definitely not a person who is really into reading posts which have more than 1000 words. I love to look at photos. And that’s why I love this blog. Those texts are not the spot, but the pictures are. Those pictures really say more words than you can imagine. And those short texts are sometimes quotes from brides, etc. or just lovely inspirational sentences.

Now you can ask yourself, if you are looking for a wedding blog with lots of beautiful pictures and short inspirational texts like I am, you should definitely have a look on ‘I Love Farm Weddings’.

Text by Victoria Eggersmann

Wedding theme: Turquoise&Bling

Wedding theme: Turquoise&Bling

Turquoise and bling -theme is a good option for brides who want to impress, not only themselves but everyone attending the wedding.

This theme isn’t only beautiful, it is luxorious in the most humble way. There are different levels that can be used in this theme, depending on how luxorious the bride wants their wedding to be.

Let’s start with the venue:

Soft lightning creates a dreamy atmosphere and welcomes the guests warmly. Turquoise can be just an effect colour somewhere in the background, or then it can be implemented as the hero of the day, and bling can be added softly to back-up the colour. It is still good to remember that too much is too much, and if something feels overwhealming, the colours or the bling can be tuned down. Here below are some examples of possible venues, with more or less bling and turquoise.





And then we’ll move on to the wedding attire, jewellery, and flower bouquet which are all crucial for a wedding.

The wedding dress should be something like in the picture below, so that it would implement the softness that can also be seen in the venue but it also would have the bling. Classic white dress suits this theme, but it can also be altered as everything else if needed. Jewellery would be mostly turquoise, but some bright diamonds could also support the theme well. The flower bouquet should be a bit more tuned down so that the dress can shine.


Hair and make-up would be as natural and beautiful as possible, and shoes cold be white or turquoise.


And then a good options for bridesmaides and bestmen could be some of these:


A classic and elegant limousine will take care of the transportation for the day. It could be black or white, depending on the opinion of the couple.


There would also be other activities and programme for guests in the wedding, such as these:


Invitations would be beautiful, simple and elegant with neutral colours.


Catering is also an important part of a wedding, because the cake will also crown the day. It has to look fabulous as this one here below, but also other catering needs to look good as these muffins do:


Photography would be all about the emotions and the elegance of the day. The photograph should be glorious and striking. Here are some good examples:


Text by: Minna Parviainen

This theme can also be found in Pinterest with this link: